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Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Pratimoksha has mushroomed into one of the best yoga studios in Dubai. Lalitha Viswanath on the specially designed courses available at Enlighten Yoga Center

Lalitha ViswanathFounderPratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center
Lalitha ViswanathFounderPratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center

Please give us a brief on the Pratimoksha studio and its philosophy.

In 2017, a few like-minded yoga practitioners decided to team up and break the pattern of teaching ‘yoga for weight-loss’, leading to the formation of Pratimoksha – Enlighten Yoga Centre in Oud Metha, Dubai. Pratimoksha quite literally means ‘towards happiness’, and the Pratimoksha family believes that an authentic and traditional Indian Yogic practice can pave the way to happiness and the discovery of one’s true self. Our yoga programmes are way beyond just asanas (the physical pose); we believe in holistic wellness through mind-body integration. In fact, we feel the 5,000-year-old Yogic science should be taught to everyone in the right manner.

What classes do you offer for different age groups/experience levels? Are there any themed workshops?

In all humility, we believe that ‘no one teaches yoga like we do’. When someone comes to us, depending on the issues they are facing, we address the issues first by customising our yoga sessions. For those with chronic musculoskeletal issues, we initially recommend yoga therapy, as they may not be able to keep up with group sessions. The Pratimoksha style of issue-based yoga programmes are offered irrespective of age segments. We also offer kids, teen, and regular yoga classes, and prenatal and post-natal sessions, as well as advanced level classes and online classes.

Are there any classes/workshops apart from yoga that Pratimoksha teaches?

Pratimoksha offers detox workshops, and tailor-made yoga training programmes for HR professionals, teachers and other medical professionals that draw on yoga’s mind management principles and techniques, the intention being to boost self-confidence, focus and productivity. We have also designed corporate programmes that can be customised to the needs of an organisation.

Are there any new classes/workshops that clients can expect soon?

The Pratimoksha teacher’s training course will start from the first week of September. The six-month course takes students through the ancient practices and philosophies that underpin yoga, staying true to the teachings of Indian sages. The course is intense and equivalent in content to a master’s programme in Yogic Sciences. It is certified by Yoga Alliance and like all our classes accommodates a maximum of six to eight students at a time. In fact, our TTC class is restricted to six students only.

We have beginner-level classes starting almost every month or so. Students who are a little advanced in their yoga practice can opt for the Ayur yoga course that teaches one to identify their body type according to Ayurvedic principles and make diet and lifestyle changes accordingly — and Chakra yoga, which teaches you to align your chakras, which are nothing but energy centres within your body.

In your experience, what are the mental and physical benefits of yoga?

One of the profound benefits of yoga, which involves integrating Asanas, breath work, good diet and mind management, is that it helps us identify our innate potentials, directing our energies through the right channels, maintaining good physical fitness so that we are able to perform our daily activities with ease.

What kind of diet is best to see results from yoga?

I always recommend a timely, regional diet that is nutritious and freshly prepared. Eating in moderation is the key to good health.

How can yoga complement an exercise routine?

That’s a great question. I think whatever your interests — dance, cycling, swimming, tennis — a daily yoga practice can only help you do better. At just the physical level, the alternate stretching and strengthening aspects of a posture together with breath control, serve to strengthen your muscles, improving joint mobility and flexibility. By learning to breathe better, you provide your body with more energy, and also the capacity to heal and restore itself. But yoga is not just the physical pose, it teaches mental discipline, which is once again invaluable to any sport, or physical activity that you undertake.

Pratimoksha also trains people to become yoga teachers.Can you expand on this?

Well, a yoga Teacher’s Training Course is not just for those who aspire to become yoga teachers and health coaches. As a matter of fact, I believe that every family must have at least one person, who is adept in Yogic disciplines. This way, we can build healthy families, nurture a society that is sensitive towards people’s needs, help our communities bloom and, thus, grow into a peaceful and harmonious nation and world. Having said so, the Pratimoksha Teacher’s Training Course is uniquely designed to focus on the different dimensions required to equip a person to become a full-fledged yoga teacher. It is intense and focuses on the human anatomy and physiology apart from Yogic philosophy and practice.

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