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Way Down, Wander & more: 4 UAE movies opening April 1

Published on March 31, 2021 at 19.21

What's on at the cinema?

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Way Down. The poor Bank of Spain. Not only was it recently set upon by Netflix’s Casa De Papel gang, it is now the subject of a feature film with essentially the same plot. Way Down is a traditional heist movie, which is a pretty good prospect for a fun way to spend two hours. A group of vagabonds, each armed with a certain set of skills, hope to break into the financial institution’s notoriously impenetrable safe where legend has it conquistadors’ treasures plundered from 16th century South America are still being housed. The hardened, mostly British, crew is joined by wunderkind engineer Freddie Highmore to pull off the plan, which involves breaking in as the Spanish national football team plays the World Cup Final. IMDb gives it 6.4
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SAS: Red Notice. A UK family-run private militia is given a Red Notice, basically a ‘surrender or we’ll come for you’ mandate from the Special Air Service for war crimes in Eastern Europe. Incensed at the public dressing-down, one of the members played by Ruby Rose hijacks the Channel Tunnel train and threatens to blow it up, though before doing so will expose the fact they were originally working at the behest of the British government if a ransom is not paid. Only passenger and off-duty Special Forces operator Tom (Sam Heughan), who was taking his girlfriend away for the weekend to propose, stands in her way. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 67%
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Bennett’s War. “How can we combine motorbike riding and army combat on screen?” We can practically hear the movie executives’ brains working from here. “Ah, let’s create a Ranger battalion that enters the battlefield on dirt bikes!” Brilliant guys. That’s lunch. Former professional motocross rider Marshall Bennett (Michael Roark) decides to forgo the glory of sport for a stint fighting overseas. His tour, however, is cut short when an armed insurgent (presumably alerted to the soldier’s presence by his KTM’s high-pitch whine) shoots him in the leg. Told he’ll never ride again Bennett return’s to his parents’ failing farm, quickly deciding the only way to help them out of debt is to strap himself to a bike and perform. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 50%
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Wander. We don’t really know what to make of this one. The trailer didn’t make much sense, so we’re hoping the picture may be a little more straight-forward. From what we can gather a paranoid private eye (Aaron Eckhart) is hired to investigate a suspicious death in the town of Wander. The deeper into the case he dives, the more he becomes convinced what is going on is linked to the conspiracy and cover-up that he believed caused the death of his daughter. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 46%
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