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Mad about movies: This week's new UAE film releases

David Light

Published on July 16, 2020 at 00.01

What's on at the cinema this weekend?

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The Hunt

Well look what we have here. After weeks attempting to sniff out a decent big screen release, one ironically called The Hunt falls right into our lap. This quirky Knives Out-esque picture is just what the doctor ordered and, despite a few lackluster reviews from around the globe, we think it's really worth a look. The cast alone is a good sign. Hillary Swank, Emma Roberts and Betty Gilpin are the main players. In the movie 11 strangers awaken in a clearing with no memory of how they were dumped in the forest. A cache of weapons is presented and the group assumes they have to fend for themselves - hunt and forage for food on their way back to civilisation. It soon becomes clear they are the prey for a wealthy elite embroiled in a twisted game. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 56%
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Force of Nature

Perhaps not quite as much of a safe bet is the Mel Gibson vehicle Force of Nature. What’s the number one problem with the majority of heist movies? The distraction is not quite large enough for everyone to get in and out with time to spare. However, what if the distraction were Mother Nature herself? A hurricane is on its way and a gang of thieves is looking to get to a residential building’s safe to steal $55million. Little do they know something more terrifying than a tornado is lurking in one of the flats: a grizzled ex-cop who refuses to be evacuated played by... you guessed it. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 10%
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The Academy of Magic

Is this Harry Potter? No. Does it want to be? Of course. Low-fi animation The Academy of Magic may satisfy some kids’ need for cartoons in the summer, but it won't be taking home any Golden Snitches soon. IMDb gives it 3.4
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Semper Fi

Despite snapshots of dialogue more stilted than a conversation with Justin Bieber, Semper Fi doesn't actually look all that bad. Sure, everyone is a little too earnest, but the moral dilemma is a sound base camp for an ascent up Decent Story Mountain. A police officer and former Marine (Jai Courtney) must choose between loyalty to his family or the badge when his brother (Nat Wolff, also a former soldier) is sent down for 25 years. Struggling with the injustice, he decides to break him out. Will his friends help? IMDb gives it 6.1
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Talata Fi Warta

An Egyptian comedy, three talent musicians travel from the suburbs to Cairo to pursue a showbiz career. What do you know they quickly land their dream jobs? Travel, money and romance all follow until the trio discover they are smuggling narcotics for their new employer. There are so far no ratings.
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