Dubai's Jebel Ali Port fire: Citizens, expats praise frontline heroes

Photo: Dubai Media Office/Twitter
Photo: Dubai Media Office/Twitter

Dubai - The Dubai Media Office said the fire was put out within 40 minutes.

By Waheed Abbas

Published: Thu 8 Jul 2021, 1:30 PM

Last updated: Thu 8 Jul 2021, 2:56 PM

Praise has been pouring in from all quarters of the UAE for the heroes of Dubai’s civil defence team for extinguishing a fire that broke out onboard a ship at Jebel Ali Port late on Wednesday in a short span of time.

The Dubai Media Office said the fire was put out within 40 minutes.

Nasser Al Shaikh, a well-known Emirati, praised the administrative, security and media teams for their outstanding joint work to handle the situation.

He suggested that the local landmarks should be lit up to honour and appreciate the great efforts of the frontline heroes.

“I hope that the landmarks of Dubai will light up today with expressions of thanks, praise and appreciation to the civil defense heroes who demonstrated to us yesterday how distinguished they are… Our heroes have a right over us, and may God guide them and protect them under His care. Thanks also to the administrative, security and media teams for their outstanding work,” Al Shaikh said.

Another Twitterati UmSaif said the firefighters’ response to deal with the difficult situation was impressive.

“Thank you Dubai Civil Defence. A salute to the firefighters who always impress us with the speed of response and dealing with the most difficult situations. Their sacrifices are remembered. May God brighten their faces,” said Dubai-based UmSaif.

Sherry, who goes by the name of @LadyDarkS15 on Twitter, also praised the frontline heroes for their heroics.

“My thoughts and prayers go for the fire-fighting heroes who are now combating fire in Jebel Ali Port,” she said.

Another Twitter user who goes by the name of Sleepy said the firefighters were the real heroes from Dubai who bravely fought the fire without sustaining any injuries on Wednesday.

“The firefighters have managed to control the fire as soon as possible. These are the real heroes from Dubai who fought against this and brought fire under control and there were no deaths or injuries or any major loss,” said Sleepy.

“The heroes of today! Big salute,” says Eziekiel Leonard.

Another expat, Syed Sheraz Bukhari, also lavished praised on the civil defence team’s prompt response to control the blaze.

“Be sure to recognize how promptly the heroes from Dubai Civil Defense acted to control the blaze and avoid any casualties or major loss. Rest assured as #MyDubai is safe, Alhumdolillah,” he said.

“Bravo, Well Done! thanks for the brave firefighters and teams on ground, God Bless Dubai and all UAE,” said Twitterati Olena Kysla.

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