Riadh Bouaziz: A trendsetter made in France

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Published: Sat 18 Mar 2023, 2:59 PM

In less than 25 years, RKF Luxury Linen has become one of the leaders in the high-end household linen market, exporting French-style luxury to the four corners of the world. Today, among its 40,000 customers from 85 different countries, the group has worked with the most prestigious hotels and resorts, spas and centres of well-being, iconic cosmetic brands, and even private residences of the greats of this world (kings, sultans, sheiks, presidential palaces, UHNW individuals, etc.) and especially private jets and yachts. A meteoric rise reminds the whole and exceptional work which has been accomplished by a visionary man to reach such an achievement so far.

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Innovation: Heart of the RKF project

RKF Luxury Linen and its CEO have always focused on research and development to change the linen industry which has always immobilised into tradition throughout the centuries. It is the company's DNA to reinvent itself every day.

At the very beginning RKF Luxury Linen historical adventure, Riadh Bouaziz immediately noticed that it was almost impossible to find proper linen in large hotels and palaces in relation to their high-end quality standards; and spotted products that pill and offer a rough touch through time and intensive wash.

And as an accomplished engineer, Bouaziz tirelessly sought a technical and accurate response to this problem. Two whole years were needed to find a suitable solution, which led to the design of the first many innovative materials that would make the reputation and notoriety RKF has had until nowadays. Today RKF has developed 15 brands and patents (Microfeel, Dreamsoft, Timeless, linen braille technology, etc.) and all these efforts have been rewarded by 19 international awards, including the award for best European design awarded by the European Parliament.

Preserve the know-how product heritage of the past

If innovation is at the heart of the company's values, Bouaziz also takes on the role of guardian of the temple of the (long) tradition of French luxury. Indeed, he bought a textile industrial group in the East of France to preserve and develop know-how and production techniques inherited from the 19th century and passed on from generation to generation. According to him, the 1834 years old factory is a real treasure and he had to preserve this material and immaterial heritage at all costs. Today, 'The Manufactures by RKF' quietly pursue their adventure which originally started 188 years ago and RKF is now considered as the guarantor of this 'Made in France' heritage.

New trends

Some ideas of the founder of RKF Luxury Linen might sometimes surprise, such as getting inspiration from Haute Couture to create unique, elegant, and spectacular bathrobes. Organising a fashion show at Place Vendôme in Paris during Fashion Week is surely the most appropriate location and time to present and promote these extraordinary creations.

Thinking outside the box, bringing a touch of glamour to clothes supposed to be 'functional' and changing them into an essential fashion accessory, was another bold but successful bet for this visionary entrepreneur

Turn difficulties into opportunities

Bouaziz has always seen new opportunities by constantly reinventing himself and always moving forward, even through unexpected crises.

As an example, when the 2020 Health crisis hit the world, provoking a global recession in the hospitality sector, Bouaziz decided to help the surrounding hospitals in the fight against Covid-19. He temporarily put a hold on his traditional industrial activity and created a new factory from scratch, recruited over 400 people to produce millions of masks and hundreds of thousands of hospital gowns.

“Participating and acting actively by helping hospitals was a citizen act," he said. A modest statement for a man who received the French National Order of Merit for his actions in these troubled times.

The new trend to follow: DresSoft or 'home wear everywhere'

Today, RKF carries on its product development inspired by French Haute Couture, and introduces its new 'three-piece bathrobe', the “DresSoft”, cozy loungewear that includes comfortable pants, one fitted T-shirt and one fitted jacket. The goal is to bring a touch of glamour to what we consider functional and become a real fashion accessory. “This new eco-friendly garment can be worn comfortably indoors or outdoors, it protects well from the cold and can become a valuable ally in a slightly cooler environment,” says Bouaziz. “The jacket is so elegant that it can even pass for a more formal evening wear if you match it with pants or jeans. We also offer a summer version, lighter, and a winter version and this new range will obviously be available for men, women, and children.”

2023: A pivotal year full of innovations

RKF Luxury linen already works on lots of projects which will soon come out of the starting blocks. 2023 is already shaping up to be a busy year for the company, which will open its first e-shop to offer private individuals the linens usually reserved for large hotels and is also taking a new direction with the development of eco-friendly products focused on well-being. “We have so many new projects for this year, new patents, Haute-Couture uniforms and we even consider introducing some of those magnificent products during Paris Fashion Week” continues Bouaziz. He finishes by adding: “Our company is always looking to push boundaries and exceed expectations to delight customers and partners, and RKF will introduce plenty of great innovations throughout 2023”. A statement from a man who is accustomed to creating new trends, so there is no doubt that this promise should be taken very seriously.

Fore more information: www.rkf.fr.

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