Rent a luxury yacht in Dubai

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Published: Mon 12 Dec 2022, 2:59 PM

Last updated: Mon 12 Dec 2022, 5:47 PM

Dubai is home to some of the most exclusive yachts and is known for its extravagant yacht parties. With the holiday season approaching, here's an in-depth guide on renting a yacht in Dubai.

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Steps to rent a yacht in Dubai

Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai isn’t as challenging as you think. Here are a few steps to rent a yacht in the city.

  • Choose the perfect yacht rental in Dubai
  • Select the most suitable yacht
  • Inform the company of your requirements
  • Submit all the required documents
  • Enjoy your rental experience

Choose the perfect yacht rental in Dubai

The most crucial step in the process is to find the perfect yacht rental in Dubai. Finding the right charter company can be tricky with a wide range of options available in the city. We recommend the local-based company They have the most extensive fleet of yachts in Dubai.

One effective way to narrow your options is by checking out Google customer reviews. While most ignore these reviews, paying attention to first-hand customer experiences is essential.

It will enable you to understand different experiences based on the companies people have chartered yachts from. Therefore, this is an excellent way to choose your yacht rental company in the city.

Select the most suitable yacht

The next step is to select a suitable yacht. Most renowned companies have a fleet size larger than 100.

Therefore, when deciding to choose a yacht, you can consider a few factors.

  • Number of guests you will have onboard
  • Distance of travel
  • Occasion you would like to celebrate
  • Charter budget

Considering the above factors will help you decide which yacht to charter.

Inform the company of your requirements

You can rent a yacht to go on a relaxing cruise or celebrate an electrifying party. Whatever the purpose of renting a yacht is, you are required to inform the same company.

It will ensure clarity of communication between you and the company and enable them to make necessary arrangements. For instance, Dubai is famously known for its yacht weddings.

Many people within the region and from around the world rent yachts in Dubai to celebrate their most intimate occasions. Hence, informing your rental company of all your additional requirements will help them plan your day effectively.

Another vital point to note is that the cost of renting a yacht will depend on all the additional requirements you will need. Therefore, informing the company will help you receive a calculated rental cost.

Submit all the required documents

Some of the basic requirements across all forms of rental businesses are the verification of documentation. It is no different in the case of yacht rental.

Residents and tourists are required to present a varied set of identification documents like passports and government-issued IDs. Rental companies collect this information to keep a record of all rental transactions.

Enjoy your rental experience

Last but not least, remember to enjoy a pleasant time cruising on a yacht in Dubai. You will come across several impressive landmarks in the city that are worth witnessing from a luxurious yacht.

Important points to note before chartering a yacht

Now that you have a clear idea of how to rent a yacht in Dubai. Here are some essential pro tips to note before chartering a yacht.

  • Timing
  • Route
  • Menu
  • Activities
  • Safety
  • Timing

Always confirm the duration of the charter with the rental company. Your yacht charter cost is also determined based on the duration you rent it for.


Pre-plan your route of travel along with the company. Having a clear idea of your route is essential while chartering a yacht.


If you have preferences when it comes to food, it's always helpful to inform the same to your rental company. Many leading companies will provide custom dining requirements as per your needs.


Yacht rental companies also offer additional activities like fishing and jet skiing as part of the rental agreement. Therefore, it's recommended that you check with your company for all the activities you and your guests can enjoy.


The priority while cruising on a yacht is to ensure your safety. Therefore, getting a detailed brief about all the safety measures and procedures in case of a mishap is essential before you charter the yacht.

Top yachts to charter in Dubai

Many yacht rental companies in Dubai offer an extensive range of luxury yachts for charter. We have listed below the top 10 most popular yachts that you should rent:

Yacht charter prices in Dubai

The cost of renting a yacht is based on the yacht you choose and the purpose of the rental. While some rent a yacht to cruise out in the sea, some rent to host lavish yacht parties. Therefore, based on all your requirements, the yacht rental company will provide you with a detailed quote covering all aspects of the cost.

To give you an idea of the costs of chartering a yacht. The prices can range anywhere from Dh900 to Dh14,000 per hour. Factors such as the size of the yacht, capacity, duration of the rental, and other additional requirements will determine the final cost.

Experience a luxury yacht cruise in Dubai

From the top luxury yachts to custom party requirements, choosing a yacht for rent in Dubai is the best way to explore the coastal city. Moreover, the rental procedures are easy and convenient, which makes yacht charter a desirable choice. So if you want to spend your winter holidays or celebrate new year’s eve in style, make sure to rent a yacht in Dubai.

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