Innovate UAE: Forging unicorns in the heart of UAE with fastest growing startups communities

The scope and influence of Innovate UAE is evident in their impressive achievements

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Published: Tue 5 Dec 2023, 6:19 PM

Last updated: Wed 6 Dec 2023, 3:37 PM

Innovate UAE, in partnership with the Founders Community (24six9*AHOY) and Innovate Decentral, has orchestrated over 35 events in 27 cities worldwide, becoming synonymous with the development of the world's fastest-growing tech communities. These entities are renowned for their dedication to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and the building of unicorn startups, with a particular focus on the UAE, while also achieving a global impact.

Transformative Impact: By the Numbers

The scope and influence of Innovate UAE is evident in their impressive achievements:

  • 5 Unicorn Companies United: Brought together five unicorn companies, symbolising the potential birth of billions in value for future unicorns within this community.
  • Diverse Global Speakers: Hosted an array of speakers from various parts of the world, providing a wide array of perspectives and expertise.
  • 30+ VCs and Investors Engaged: Facilitated a rich environment ripe for funding and investment opportunities, attracting over 30 venture capitalists and investors.
  • 200+ Entrepreneurs Connected: Created a vibrant platform for networking, collaboration, and mutual growth, connecting more than 200 entrepreneurs.
  • 100+ Tech Pioneers Showcased: Highlighted cutting-edge technological developments and insights, showcasing innovations from over 100 tech pioneers.
  • 90+ Significant Companies Involved: Brought together representatives from 90 key companies, underscoring the event's extensive relevance and impact in the business world.

These statistics not only highlight the extensive reach of these communities but also their pivotal role in shaping the future of the tech ecosystem in the Middle East.

The mission and vision of inclusive builder communities

Central to these initiatives is a mission to serve as key catalysts in the UAE’s dynamic business landscape, particularly in nurturing 'unicorn' companies. This vision goes beyond mere business growth; it is about igniting a major shift in the Middle Eastern business and technological landscapes. By providing a stage where established unicorns can share their paths to success, these communities are laying the groundwork for a 'big bang' of entrepreneurial and innovative development in the region and Global.

Exciting panel discussion: Dan Vahdat, Jamil Shinawi, Arya Bolurfrushan, Michael Schelper

Dan Vahdat ,CEO of HUMA, shared his experience in building a unicorn company, while Arya Bolurfrushan, CEO of AAICO, AI company, tackled the nuances of entrepreneurship and fundraising. Michael Schelper, VP of Caresyntax, and Jamil Shinawi, co-founder and managing director at AHOY, also shared their insights into fundraising and scaling startups in the Middle East.

Global Leadership: Contributions of Kooshiar Azimian and Martin Basiri

Highlighting the international reach of Innovate UAE, Kooshiar Azimian of 310.AI and mind behind Innovate Decentral and Martin Basiri of ApplyBoard shared their entrepreneurial journeys. Their experiences, spanning from Canada to San Francisco, provided invaluable insights into the dynamics of tech startups.

Women in Tech: Paria Ghoraishi and Jumana Al Darwish

Paria Ghoraishi and Jumana Al Darwish Founders of Made for you global community, emphasised the increasing role of women in the tech industry, particularly in the Middle East. Their efforts in nurturing women communities and contributing significantly to the sector were prominently featured.

Event Highlight: Startup Pitches and Networking

The event reached its peak with a session where six startups, including a remote participant from California, pitched to potential investors. This segment showcased the burgeoning innovation and potential within the tech industry.




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