Barakat reveals bio-degradable packaging across product range


The homegrown fresh produce brand has unveiled new bio-degradable packaging for its entire product range

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

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Published: Mon 14 Nov 2022, 11:42 AM

Barakat, the UAE’s leading produce brand, has launched its bio-degradable packaging across its entire product range, taking a big step into the world of sustainability. Although recycling has recently become a more familiar aspect of our daily lives, the problem still lies in the fact that fewer than 10 per cent of the world’s plastic is actually recycled. This means that the remaining 90 per cent takes approximately 600 years to break down, and still leaves toxic waste (such as microplastics) behind, harming the environment and everything in it. Due to their widespread presence in the oceans, plastics pose risks to living creatures across many ecosystems when consumed.

Barakat’s new packaging contains an organic compound that degrades 90 per cent faster in landfills than regular plastic and biodegrades 30 per cent in just the first year, leaving behind nutrient-rich soil instead of microplastic waste.

Rashid Mohamed Alabbar, board member at Barakat, said: “Taking care of our community has always been at the heart of everything we create — that means taking care of our environment to ensure a better life for us, and the generations to come.

“Barakat’s new packaging is the result of our hard work and research and is our innovative solution that fits the UAE’s current sustainable initiatives and landfill situations. We understand that our consumers care about the planet — we hope this packaging helps them make a difference every time they choose Barakat.”

Dating back to 1976, trading in fresh fruit and vegetables, Barakat is now the country’s most trusted supplier of fresh produce, catering to premium hospitality, supermarket chains, airlines, and top establishments in the UAE.

Meaning ‘prosperity’ in Arabic, that is what the brand hopes to bring to the community it cares about, with fresh juices, high-quality fruits, and vegetables — and now with 99.9 per cent biodegradable packaging, Barakat is ensuring it’s also giving back to the environment.


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