'If I go to court to fight it, bitterness will be there, kids will suffer': Actress Pooja Bedi speaks on walking out of marriage without alimony

The actress opened up about her journey of starting from scratch post-divorce

By CT Desk

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Published: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 10:50 AM

When Pooja Bedi ended her marriage with Farhan Furniturewala, she had concerns about her future, career, and financial situation. However, within just two years, all of these aspects underwent a remarkable transformation for the better. Recently, an old interview with Bedi has resurfaced online, where she discusses the significant changes in her life after deciding to part ways with her husband. The couple tied the knot in 1994 but got divorced in 2003.

During an interview, Bedi was asked about how she rebuilt her life after the separation, particularly because she did not receive any alimony from her ex-husband. Bedi, who is the mother of two children, including the actress Alaya F, explained that she had no other option but to trust her instincts and follow her own path.

“Where there is a will, there is a way. I know that I don’t want to be in a marriage, that is a definite thing, now I need to find solutions. Problems are plenty, the husband feels you are the perfect wife, why will I let you go, but I said, ‘Hello! This is not a perfect marriage and maybe you are not a good husband, I want to go.’ He said no, if I give you money, then for sure you will leave, which I don’t want. I was in a fix, because I just didn’t want to be in that marriage.

“Back in the day, even the court systems were different, laws were different, women’s rights movement wasn’t so active the way it is today. So, I asked myself what I want – do I want to go to court and fight him, demanding money. Because it isn’t like I left my career for him, I also made his career with him. Furniturewala was started by us, we launched it together. Production, delivery, marketing client handling, I would do it with him. I was a part of his company, but not legally. I had built it with my hard work also, but legally my name wasn’t there, so what do I do. I thought if I go to court and fight it out, there will be bitterness, the kids will suffer as well.”

The actress acknowledged that the circumstances required her and her ex-husband to maintain a strong friendship for the well-being of their children. However, it was tough for the actor to keep aside the fear of an unpredictable future.

“Of course, it is difficult, it is not easy. My mother had passed away and she had left a small amount of money for me as inheritance. I started from scratch at 18 and became successful, so I had the will that I could do it again. So what if I am a divorcee, have two children, I want to be happy, and the universe will definitely help me and I left," Bedi added.

The actress then started writing weekly columns, for which she earned Rs16,000 per month. That column led to an offer for her to be the host of a talk show, which then opened doors to other opportunities and a new phase in her life began.

“Then modelling contract happened, then I started becoming a brand ambassador, began hosting events. Within one and a half years, I was driving the same Mercedes that my husband had. Within two years, he called me asking for loan, as he wanted to expand his business,” said Bedi.


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