Have you visited these Bazaar markets around the UAE?

Head to these spots for the best local goods and produce

By CT Desk

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Published: Sun 21 Jan 2024, 6:50 PM

Friday market in Fujairah

Nestled within the scenic embrace of Fujairah's mountain range, the Friday Market has earned its reputation as one of the UAE's premier destinations, drawing visitors from various regions. This bustling market is celebrated for its mild and enjoyable climate, making it particularly attractive to those who relish outdoor activities, such as barbecues. Beyond its natural appeal, the market stands out for its diverse array of services and shops, offering a comprehensive shopping experience. Visitors can explore a myriad of goods, from local handicrafts and souvenirs to fresh produce, ensuring they find everything they desire.

Souk Al Ras

Transporting residents and visitors alike to a bygone era, Souk Al Ras stands as one of Dubai's oldest markets, offering a nostalgic journey for long-time residents and a unique experience for newcomers. Laden with the scent of history, this market serves as a testament to the city's rich heritage. The marketplace encompasses a cluster of shops, each exuding a charm that harks back to earlier times. Here, patrons can discover a treasure trove of the finest goods and products, all available at special prices, adding to the allure of this historic marketplace.

Ripe Market at Zabeel Park

Nestled within the scenic surroundings of Zabeel Park in Dubai, the Ripe Market transcends the conventional concept of a marketplace, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond typical commerce. Besides being a venue for the sale of natural products, this market transforms into a vibrant hub of diverse attractions. Visitors are not only treated to an array of organic and handmade products but also have the chance to savour fresh culinary delights, witness the craftsmanship of artisans displaying their crafts, and revel in live entertainment shows that add a lively rhythm to the atmosphere. Set in the open air, the Ripe Market creates an inviting space for individuals seeking a wholesome and enjoyable day out.

Souq Saleh

Situated in the heart of Ajman, Souq Saleh stands as a significant cultural and commercial landmark, drawing both locals and tourists alike. Renowned as one of the region's vital tourist destinations, Souq Saleh has earned acclaim for its unique offerings, with shops that specialise in the sale of exquisite fabrics and are particularly known for their collection of the finest mokhawers, Moroccan kaftans, and luxurious Jalabiyas. Souq Saleh not only serves as a marketplace but also as a cultural treasure trove, preserving the heritage of Ajman and offering a distinctive shopping experience.

The Kuwaiti Souq Market of Old Ras Al Khaimah City

Nestled close to the former Ras Al Khaimah corniche, the Kuwaiti Souq Market in Old Ras Al Khaimah City stands as a bustling hub of commerce, adorned with a myriad of adjoining and adjacent shops. This vibrant market has become a cherished destination for both locals and residents, offering a delightful shopping experience along its lively streets. Renowned for its diverse offerings, the souq is particularly favoured for its collection of toys, perfumes, and fashionable outfits catering to the entire family, all available at reasonable prices. The market exudes a lively atmosphere, where visitors can stroll through the charming alleys, exploring a variety of goods and enjoying the vibrant energy of the surroundings.

Souk Al Arsah

Nestled in the heart of Sharjah, Souk Al Arsah stands as a captivating haven for those with an appreciation for souvenirs, antiques, and artistic craft products. Renowned as one of the country's oldest and largest markets, it offers a unique and enchanting shopping experience. The market's charm is accentuated by its picturesque alleys adorned with beautiful wooden doors, coral brick walls, and hanging lanterns, creating an ambiance that transports visitors to a bygone era. Souk Al Arsah boasts an impressive collection of treasures, ranging from seashells to copper utensils, jewellery, perfumes, incense, and more. Each corner of the souk tells a story, with vendors showcasing their craftsmanship and visitors immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry.


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