Going glamping? Check out these spots in the UAE

Enjoy and relax at these destinations surrounded with nature


Husain Rizvi

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Published: Tue 23 Jan 2024, 6:21 PM

Last updated: Wed 24 Jan 2024, 12:32 PM

Bear Grylls Explorers Camp

Embark on the ultimate camping adventure at the "Bear Grylls Explorers" camp in Ras Al Khaimah, where an immersive experience awaits. This camp, curated by renowned adventurer Bear Grylls, offers participants an opportunity to enhance their resilience skills amidst the beauty of nature and wildlife. The camp is designed to provide an enthusiastic and hands-on experience, led by a team of specialized instructors. Participants can expect to delve into a variety of outdoor activities, survival techniques, and team-building exercises, all aimed at honing their abilities to thrive in the wilderness. From mastering essential survival skills to navigating the natural environment, the Bear Grylls Explorers Camp promises an unforgettable journey of learning and adventure.

Sedr Trailers Resort

Nestled in the picturesque town of Hatta, the Sedr Trailers Resort provides a unique and luxurious camping experience on the shores of Hatta Dam. Unlike traditional camping, this resort offers well-appointed trailers that redefine the outdoor getaway. These trailers are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay, including contemporary bathrooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, television, and cosy beds. The resort's strategic location near Hatta Dam adds a touch of tranquillity and natural beauty to the experience, making it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a distinctive retreat in the UAE.

Sonara Camp

The Sonara desert camp beckons adventurers with a promise of an extraordinary dining experience set against the backdrop of stunning vistas. The camp boasts a diverse menu featuring delicious dishes, creating a culinary delight amid the enchanting desert atmosphere. Beyond gastronomic pleasures, Sonara camp offers an array of activities to satiate the adventurous spirit within. Thrill-seekers can engage in sandboarding, carving through the golden dunes, or try their hand at archery, testing their precision skills. As the sun sets, the camp transforms into a stargazer's haven, providing an opportunity to marvel at the desert sky's celestial wonders. Live entertainment adds a touch of cultural charm, creating a vibrant and unforgettable ambiance. For those who seek excitement in the night, the camp offers dazzling fireworks displays, adding a magical touch to the desert experience.

Jebel Hafit - Desert Park

Situated in the Al Ain region of Abu Dhabi, Jebel Hafit Desert Park offers families a retreat where they can immerse themselves in nature's beauty and explore cultural treasures. The park provides a serene environment for activities such as leisurely walks and adventurous pursuits like mountain biking. Visitors can also engage in traditional experiences like horse or camel riding. Additionally, the park showcases archaeological and historical remnants, allowing families to unravel the mysteries of ancient lifestyles.

Al Quaa Desert Abu Dhabi

Al Quaa Desert in Abu Dhabi stands as an enchanting haven for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts. Renowned for its pristine night skies, this desert location offers an unparalleled opportunity to observe the wonders above. The vast expanse becomes a cosmic theatre, showcasing the brilliance of stars, planets, and meteors in real-time, providing a mesmerising view of the galaxy. Particularly favoured by Milky Way photographers, the desert's unique geographical features and minimal light pollution make it an ideal spot to capture stunning and memorable images.

Platinum Heritage Desert Camp

Embark on an authentic journey into the heart of Bedouin life with the Platinum Heritage Desert Camp in Dubai. This immersive experience takes adventurers on captivating expeditions across the golden sands, traversing the desert in four-wheel-drive vehicles. The excursions extend beyond mere dune bashing, offering a unique opportunity to explore wildlife habitats teeming with rare creatures like gazelles and Arabian oryx, providing a glimpse into the desert's rich biodiversity. For those yearning for a more traditional experience, the option to indulge in camel riding amid the serene beauty of Al Marmoom is available, allowing visitors to embrace the timeless lifestyle of the Bedouin people.


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