Orlando Bloom talks about his relationship with Katy Perry

The actor discussed what he has learned from his relationship with the singer on a podcast hosted by Jay Shetty


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Published: Wed 24 Apr 2024, 5:02 PM

Actor Orlando Bloom discussed his new series 'Orlando Bloom: To The Edge', Buddhist faith and love for Katy Perry on a recent episode of 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty' podcast, reported People.

Asked by Shetty about what he's learned in his relationship with Perry, Bloom said, "I think I'm constantly learning to let go. Because anything that I try to hold onto, whether it's good or bad, doesn't serve me. Not in the relationship, and it doesn't really serve either of us."

"And that's really hard," he added. "To keep letting go and to keep letting her go."

"I think when you are in a deeply loving, committed relationship, you want to control or own or have and, you know, even just letting go of ideas, how things should be, or the idea of what intimacy or intimate moments are to you versus them, or whatever it may be," he continued of Perry. "Because you've chosen that person, you are on a journey with that person. You are gonna learn this lesson. And if you've chosen that person, then that's the person you're gonna learn that lesson with. I mean, that's the opportunity, right?"

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor and "California Gurls" singer met at a Golden Globes afterparty in 2016 and began dating shortly after, making their relationship public on Instagram in May of that year. Bloom and Perry were engaged on Valentine's Day in 2019, however they had to postpone their 2020 wedding because to the Covid-19 epidemic. On August 27, 2020, the couple announced the arrival of their daughter Daisy Dove. Bloom also has an elder son, Flynn, 13, with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

While Bloom and Shetty discussed what their lessons from romantic relationships were, Bloom noted that people continually change even within a relationship and that it's important to embrace that growth rather than resist it.

"I seize the opportunity every day to grow and as you see from the show, I'll never choose the easy path. You know, like, it's just not who I am. And in some ways, my relationship is the greatest opportunity for my continual growth," Bloom shared. "I know we both see it that way. So that's how we grow. And we do. She'll hold me accountable and I'll do the same."

"And sometimes, you know, you'll be confronted by your own self. And I think, you know, trust, right?" Bloom added. "Trusting your path, your journey, your faith, that this is what's meant for you. And then the universe will take care of the rest."

The actor recently shared similar sentiments about his relationship during his April 19 appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna. "She challenges me, I challenge her. I think we kind of just demand that we get up every day," he shared then, adding: " 'I choose you, today, tomorrow, or whatever, or you choose me," reported People.


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