'Each of us has a voice': Prajakta Koli on the responsibilities that come with content creation

The content creator and actor played an important role as India's only YouTuber at COP28 in Dubai


Husain Rizvi

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Photo by Shihab
Photo by Shihab

Published: Thu 21 Dec 2023, 3:52 PM

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP28 was held in the UAE earlier this month and saw several forums and talk sessions, all advocating for climate action.

Among the many high-profile attendees, Prajakta Koli also made her mark, being the only YouTuber and content creator from India at the global stage.

"It is both, a responsibility and privilege," she said in a conversation with City Times at the Khaleej Times office. "It comes with a bit of pressure, but I am grateful for the opportunity."

In addition to sharing insights into her role at COP28, Prajakta, who is famously known as @mostlysane on socials, also talked about her experiences in the UAE, and her foray into the world of writing a romance fiction book.

You played a vital role representing India as the only YouTuber at COP28. That is a huge feat, how does it feel?

Representing India as the only YouTuber at COP28 is both a responsibility and a privilege. It comes with a bit of pressure, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. COP28 provides a fantastic platform for creators like me to learn and delve deeper into conversations about climate action. It's a great learning curve, surrounded by incredible individuals from around the world doing impactful work.

How do you see your role as a content creator in contributing to climate action and sustainability, especially in the digital space?

As a content creator, each of us has a voice and a community. I believe that in the fight against climate change, the more creators involved, the more significant the impact. It's crucial to recognize the responsibility we hold in this battle. While efforts can vary, even small steps, like adopting sustainable lifestyle changes or amplifying voices already working in the field, contribute to the collective effort.

You mentioned your role at COP28 involves breaking down complex climate-related information for a broader audience. How do you plan to achieve this through your content?

My goal is to be in influential conversations and gather information to simplify and communicate it effectively. Climate change-related topics can be complex, filled with acronyms and technical details. By breaking down this information into easily understandable, snackable content, I hope to bridge the gap and make it more accessible to a broader audience, especially the younger generation.

You've been in the UAE for a week. How has the experience been, considering your fondness for the country and its diverse cuisine?

I've always loved being in the UAE; this is my fifth or sixth trip. Besides visiting friends, I enjoy exploring the diverse culinary scene. UAE offers a plethora of food options, from Italian to Asian, Lebanese to American. The country holds a special place for me, not just for its food but also for its rapid development, which is a little hard to believe.

Moving to your journey in the entertainment industry, you've transitioned from YouTube to films and now even a romance novel. How do you find the difference in creating content for different mediums?

Creating content for YouTube, films, and now a novel are vastly different experiences. YouTube allows for instant feedback and connection with the audience. Films, with their larger scale, offer a different kind of creativity and a slower process. Writing a novel, especially in the romance genre, allows me to delve into storytelling on a deeper level, focusing on unfiltered comfort and personal connections.

What led to your decision to write a romance novel, and how do you define romance personally?

Romance, to me, is unfiltered, unjudged comfort—a customisable connection without boundaries. I missed seeing romance take the spotlight in various genres. Writing a romance novel is my way of contributing to the genre and expressing my love for it. The personal connections and experiences in my life have fuelled my passion for love stories.


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