UAE: Fake gold scam busted as Sharjah Police arrest 12

Authorities launched an investigation after receiving multiple reports from residents

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Photo: Sharjah Police
Photo: Sharjah Police

A Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 20 Mar 2022, 12:48 PM

Last updated: Sun 20 Mar 2022, 10:34 PM

The Department of Criminal Investigation in Sharjah Police have busted a gang of 12 Asians who specialised in selling and distributing fake gold as original pieces.

The police launched an investigation after receiving multiple reports from residents about being duped.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al-Zoud, Director of the Department of Criminal Investigations at Sharjah Police, said that the authorities received several reports of unidentified Asians scamming residents into buying fake gold.

The suspects would interact with shoppers at markets, initially offering mobile phones at cheaper rates. Once they got the shoppers’ attention, the suspects would show them legitimate gold pieces.

Colonel Abu Al-Zoud indicated that the criminals would encourage shoppers to check the authenticity of the gold at genuine outlets. Once the victims were convinced, they would strike a deal to sell it at a lower price. However, the delivered items would be fake, as the victims would realise later.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al-Zoud stated that the gang carried out their frauds by maintaining adequate gaps of time between transactions to avoid suspicion.

After monitoring the criminals and following their method, the investigation teams could arrest the gang.

During the investigation, they confessed to their crimes, which was to distribute, monitor victims, negotiate and complete the sales of the fake item.

They also communicated with people outside the country to dispatch shipments of gold-coated metal pieces. The gang would receive fake metals and deliver them to the dealer in exchange for money.


The case was referred to the Public Prosecution to take legal action against them.

Colonel Abu Al-Zoud urged residents to avoid dealing with anonymous, unlicensed persons.

He noted that the UAE has the best and largest commercial markets for precious metals globally, with a huge variety of goods and at varying prices, and that the public must deal with these licensed stores only.

He also called on the public to report street vendors through various channels, including the (Hares) service available through the smart application of the Sharjah Police, or the website, or through the hotline 80040.

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