Ramadan in UAE: Police share new video on begging, warn against the scam

Beggars ask for money at the doors of mosques, in markets and on roads


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Mon 18 Apr 2022, 3:04 PM

Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents against beggars who take advantage of their sympathy and generosity during the holy month of Ramadan.

In a new video shared by Abu Dhabi Police on its social media accounts, officers said the phenomenon of begging is one of the most dangerous. The beggars ask for money at the doors of mosques, in markets and on roads, the police says.

Police said the beggars were cheating people through making-up stories showing that they are needy and wanted assistance.

According to police, the number of beggars usually increase in the Emirate during Ramadan as they want to exploit people's generosity.

In 2021, Abu Dhabi Police arrested 179 people who were found begging during the holy month.

Last month, Abu Dhabi Police also warned residents against online beggars who ask for help through emails, via WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

Police explained that the beggars send images of people in poor conditions and fabricated pleading phrases asking help to support orphans, treat sick people, or build mosques and schools in poor countries.

According to authorities, begging is a societal scourge that detracts from the civilised image of any society.

“Begging is an uncivilized act in the society and a crime in the UAE. The beggars have the potential for fraud and are out to cheat people and cash in on their generosity,” said the police.

"These beggars are taking advantage of people's sympathy during the holy month by faking stories different stories to get money from them.”

Officers have explained that the penalty for begging is imprisonment for three months and a fine of not less than Dh5,000 or one of the two penalties. The penalty for organised begging is imprisonment for a period of six months and a fine of not less than Dh100,000.


The force said it had stepped up efforts through an integrated security plan across the emirate to ensure public safety and security and prevent bad behaviours such as begging.

Special teams were set up to carry out inspections as part of a police crackdown on begging during Ramadan.

The force had warned that anyone caught begging would be dealt with and punished in accordance with the law.

According to police, the UAE government has put in place official channels for charity, and those in need should register with these institutions to ensure donations reach them.

People have been urged to report any illegal activity to the police by dialing 999 or contact the security service department through the toll-free number 8002626 (AMAN2626) or send text message to 2828 or via e-mail (aman@adpolice.gov.ae).

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