Dubai: Man pretends to be female cop, robs expat of Dh6,700

Accused sentenced to two years in prison


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Tue 26 Apr 2022, 1:03 PM

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a two-year prison sentence against a defendant who disguised himself as a woman and then pretended to be a police officer to rob an Asian man under duress.

The convict brought out a charger with the Dubai Police logo to convince the victim that he was a CID officer.

He punched the victim in the neck and then snatched his wallet containing Dh6,700.

During the investigations, the victim said he was surprised by the accused, who entered his car and sat next to him in the front seat.

The accused wore women’s clothes, and his face was covered. The victim thought it was a woman but was surprised to hear the male voice when he spoke up. He added that the accused showed him a white card with the Dubai Police logo.

He was asked to drive, and they entered one of the narrow streets in the area. The man ordered the victim to take out his wallet, took the money from it, and asked the victim to leave.

As he was scared, the victim did not ask the accused to show any other identification card to prove his identity. He thought that he was a policeman in disguise, as he had make-up on his face and was wearing a mask.

The Criminal Court ruled that the accused be imprisoned for two years and a fined him Dh6,700, so he appealed the ruling before the Court of Appeal, which upheld the initial ruling.

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