Wakha: Destination for meat lovers

Wakha: Destination for meat lovers
Muhammad Azam

A new boutique branch opening soon in Jumeirah Road with enhanced menu options

Take a moment to savour the smell as you enter the place. The aroma gently tickles your nose. Inhale, deeply. The smell is so rich, you can taste it. Do you crave a taste sensation? Something that not only fills your belly but also offers cuisine for contemplation; it will be an experience that you will remember for a long time. One that will not only create a memorable moment, but also cater to your needs completely, fulfilling your cravings while you enjoy fresher, healthier and food cooked to you fancy.
After the success and appreciation by the customers in Al Barsha 1 and Al Nahda, Wakha Restaurant is opening its door for the Jumeirah Road customers with a flagship outlet offering the same taste and quality of food with enhanced menu options and shisha, with a slew of authentic Shinwari and Afghan dishes that satisfy carnivorous cravings.
Wakha derived from "GhWakha" (name signifies meat in Pashto), is absolutely the one-of-a-kind restaurant where you choose your cut and the chef prepares your meat the way you like it.
Choice, Cuts, Cooked to Perfection!
Our goal is to serve you with the healthiest, freshest and the most authentic Shinwari and Afghan cuisines in town without using any processed spices and oil. We only use natural ingredients such as lamb fat, fresh butter, salt, green chilies, tomato etc.
Wakha founders had a dream to offer the true and authentic taste, style and soul of very famous Namak Mandi of Pakistan in the UAE and other international markets as well, where the chef prepares meat, fresh and live.
At Wakha mostly includes food items are prepared fresh on your order, so it requires time to serve your food. Thus, it is highly recommended to place your order in advance to avoid hours of waiting time while your food is being prepared.
The best attribute of Shinwari cuisine is you can customise your food according to your taste, such as made in lamb fat or fresh butter, spicy or lightly spiced, etc. Most famous items from the Shinwari cuisine are:
Shinwari Lamb Karahi: Fresh lamb cooked in lamb natural fat, tomatoes, green chilies and salt.
Shinwari Chicken Karahi: Fresh chicken cooked in lamb natural fat or fresh butter, tomatoes, green chilies and salt. 
Shinwari Lamb Tikka: Charcoal grilled fresh lamb seasoned with salt and lamb natural fat.
Dumpukht/Rosh: Succulent fresh lamb meat cooked on a very low flame in its juices and bone marrow for 3 to 4 hours with potatoes and flavored with aromatic herbs and spices.
Khadda Sajji (Full Lamb): Succulent whole lamb filled with rice and nuts, cooked on a very low flame in its juices and bone marrow for 5 to 6 hours with aromatic herbs and spices.
Afghan cuisine offer a real-time alternative for those interested in the rich Central Asian culture of Afghanistan.
The flagship dish of Afghan cuisine is the Kabuli Palao, which consists of tender meat lamb domed under long grained steamed rice cooked in seasoned broth topped with raisins and julienned carrots and served with Kofta Nakhod, seasoned beef meat balls cooked with grounded chick peas.
Mantou: A meat-stuffed dumpling topped with yogurt that takes its cues from Chinese and Central Asian cuisines.
Kabuli Tikka: Fresh boneless tenderloin meat marinated in Afghani spices, charcoal grilled with lamb's natural fat and Kabuli Kebabs, minced meat seasoned with Afghani herbs and spices and grilled with tomato chunks, mostly served with Kabuli Palao are the most celebrated barbecues in Afghan cuisine.
Wakha Platter: The most popular dish among customers of various nationalities combination of best Shinwari and Afghan barbecue served on famous Kabuli Palao.
Wakha invites you to embark on a delightfully different and exceptional culinary adventure where you can create your own taste sensation and culinary masterpiece.

Wakha Cafe & Restaurant
Wakha Cafe & Restaurant
Wakha Platter
Wakha Platter
Shinwari Lamb Karahi
Shinwari Lamb Karahi

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