Photo: Passenger lies under airplane seat to stretch

Video, Passenger, lies, under, airplane, seat, to stretch

Several Instagram users called the passenger 'rude' and 'unhygienic'.

By Web Report

Published: Sat 14 Sep 2019, 7:00 AM

Last updated: Sat 14 Sep 2019, 10:10 AM

An airplane passenger came up with a bizarre idea to stretch it out and crawled down under seats. The picture of the unidentified passenger was shared on Instagram page 'Passenger Shaming' and has since created quite a buzz, reported NDTV.

The picture shows the passenger lying on the floor of an airplane, right underneath a row of seats, where two seats are empty. Since being shared online, the picture has gone viral and collected hundreds of comments, along with almost 10,000 'likes'. While several Instagram users called the passenger 'rude' and 'unhygienic', others seemed to be impressed with the idea and called the passenger 'visionary'. 
One Instagram user wrote: 'Often envisioned, never executed before. Bravo'! While another wrote: 'Honestly I'm more impressed than anything'. One person criticising the passenger wrote: 'The absolute vile filth under the seats and he's lying in it'. Some also questioned how the flight staff allowed this to happen.

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