How cinnamon powder and honey treats acne


How cinnamon powder and honey treats acne

Our resident beauty expert Rima Soni provides some natural remedies

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Published: Fri 25 Aug 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 1 Sep 2017, 10:55 AM

My daughter is 9 years old, and has a lot of acne on her forehead. Please suggest a simple and natural remedy for her.
- Name withheld
Cinnamon powder mixed with honey can be applied on the acne, and left for 30 minutes daily; this will help clear the pimples. Her hair may be having dandruff, so massage aloe vera gel into her scalp; leave on for an hour, and then rinse off. Ensure she drinks at least 10 glasses of water daily, and doesn't use hot water on her skin. Chilled water is recommended.
I am in my early 20s, and I have dry and sensitive skin. I have a lot of acne marks on my face, that are just not going - no matter what I do. I have been following your advice and have got desired results, so can you suggest any remedy for the acne scars/marks, which make my skin look dull and flaky? Please suggest a remedy I can follow in the Dubai weather!
- Name withheld
Take some rice, and soak overnight. In the morning, press the rice with a heavy spoon, and make a paste. Mix with coconut milk, and apply this thick mask on your face. Keep on for 30 minutes; then, scrub the skin with wet fingers in a circular motion. Do this thrice a week. Always follow with a chilled water rinse.
I'll be travelling out of the country soon and I will be exposed to the sun quite a lot. My skin is overly sensitive; so could you please suggest a face mask which prevents tanning? But it has to be (1) made with non-perishable ingredients; (2) can be easily carried in containers; and (3) applied daily. Also, please suggest some non-alcohol-based sunscreens or a recipe for a natural sunscreen that can be applied before going out into the sun. Thank so much in advance!
- Zahra
Aloe vera gel is a very effective treatment; simply buy 99 per cent pure organic gel, add a few drops of concentrated lemon juice, and massage it on your face twice daily - morning and evening; you can leave it on overnight too. If your skin feels sensitive, avoid the lemon juice during the day.
I am only 13 years old and already have a lot of grey hair at the back of my head. Apart from this, I have dandruff in my hair too. Please suggest some good and effective home remedies that will turn my hair black naturally.
- Name withheld
Coffee and tea work beautifully to cover grey hair. Massage any one of the liquids into your hair, let it dry and leave on overnight. Do this daily to darken your hair - but, what is important is you have to leave it on overnight. To get rid of dandruff, massage yoghurt into the hair or simply rub a few drops of tea tree oil into the dandruff-prone areas. Rinse off the next day. Tea tree oil is an excellent treatment to get rid of dandruff.
I have tiny dust-sized warts spread across my neck. I've tried using salicylic acid but it leaves scars. The warts are spreading so fast that my neck feels dusty due to the grainy texture from the warts. Please help.
- Reema
The best remedy for warts is castor oil or tea tree oil; simply dot either of the two oils - with cotton buds - on affected areas, and leave on overnight. Avoid scratching or rubbing the warts, as they tend to spread.
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