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All jazzed up

Delectable meats and soul-stirring music - Seafire Steakhouse's Sunday nights are a real feast for the senses

By Keith Perena

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Published: Thu 21 Nov 2019, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 22 Nov 2019, 1:00 AM

The combination of jazz music and meat makes for a very American image. At least in my head, as I conjured images of the French Quarter as I honked down a lush slab of beef. But that was not what I came to see in Seafire, Atlantis the Palm. Suffice to say, expectations were subverted but in the most beautiful ways possible.
The We've Got Soul nights is one of the restaurant's new promotions. A counterpart to their Latin nights taking place every Saturday, Sundays are slower and more soulful - an appropriate genre for a restaurant that looks like it came out of John Wick. Upon entry, my eyes followed the staff as they served bread rolls that looked more like gold crowns shining a light on an otherwise dark venue.
Things started to get better when Lady J and the Royal Vagabonds took to the stage. Coming from a culture that looks down upon keeping your food waiting, it was strange for me to take my time as I ate and listened to their renditions of popular songs. It was an otherwise welcome experience as I took my sweet time to finish off the dishes presented by culinary master Chef Raymond Wong. Kahlil Gibran once said that work is love made visible and in the context of Chef Raymond, his passion for his craft truly shows in the dishes I was presented that evening. Let's head down to Seafire's take on some traditional Bayou fare - cue the CCR soundtrack.

Taste: My favourites were the Beef Carpaccio Puri, their signature Short Rib Donut and the WX steak. With a marble score of nine, this Angus and Wagyu crossbreed is the true epitome of the expression 'like butter'. Their avocado and sea bass salad cut all the meatiness with its sour notes.

Ambience: Right off the bat, diners are greeted by a cordial receptionist behind a table wrapped in cowhide. On the right is a not-so-subtle hint that this'll be a protein-filled experience. The band provided a great background to the dining experience.

Service: When the servers bring a multitude of steak knives from different countries for you to use, you know things are going to be amazing. They were intuitive to the point that one of them would always come up to ensure I was having a good time.

Presentation: One of the main spectacles was our host Francois pouring water onto a bowl, following which it'd let off cold steam. Also, some dishes were served atop a cow 'bone' to remind that despite being part of an aquatic-themed hotel, this was still an on-the-ground, meat journey.

Value for money: We've Got Soul Sunday offering is on the pricier side at Dh380, but you get a po-boy, a surf and turf bucket with Cajun shrimp and Boston lobster and to top it all off, a southern favourite - cinnamon banana cheesecake. Fair price for the quality.

Seafire Steakhouse, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
Contact: 04-4260800
Cost for two: Dh760, for set menu
Rating: 4/5

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