UAE: More than 150 patients in flooded hospitals moved to safety

A hospital group stepped up and accommodated patients from other facilities and clinics


Nandini Sircar

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A flooded road near a hospital in Ajman. — Supplied photo
A flooded road near a hospital in Ajman. — Supplied photo

Published: Wed 17 Apr 2024, 5:31 PM

Last updated: Thu 18 Apr 2024, 10:51 AM

More than 150 patients were moved to safety as torrential rain flooded hospitals in Ajman.

The flooding in the emirate's low-lying areas, such as Al Nuaimia, impeded access to crucial medical facilities for both patients and healthcare personnel.

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Responding to these challenges, a hospital group in Ajman stepped up and accommodated patients from various healthcare facilities and independent clinics.

Paramedics, nurses, and doctors at Thumbay University Hospital in Al Jurf worked around the clock to ensure a smooth transition — even as heavy rains and flood rendered transport routes impassable and disrupted ambulance services.

"All patients and medical personnel were promptly relocated to the larger Al Jurf facility, which is Thumbay University Hospital," said Dr Shihad Khader, COO of Thumbay University Hospital and Thumbay Hospital Ajman.

"This relocation effort encompassed a diverse range of patients, including those in the ICU, post-operative care, and paediatric units.”

Thumbay's Al Jurf facility, he said, has more advanced equipment that could ensure "uninterrupted continuity of care and access to essential medical services".

“With its substantial capacity of 350 beds, the largest academic hospital, and access to 150 specialists, Al Jurf facility mobilised resources and staff to effectively mitigate the impact of extreme weather conditions,” Dr Khader said.

No electricity

Power outages also affected other hospitals in Ajman on Tuesday evening, he said. So, the Thumbay group provided support to these facilities, too.

“We were able to lend crucial support for disruptions in radiology services, particularly CT scans, in other hospitals of Ajman. The hospital experienced a notable increase in referred patient influx from these areas, necessitating a coordinated response to meet the increased demand for medical services,” said Dr Khader.

To ensure doctors and staff could reach hospitals amid floods, measures were taken to organise logistics and transportation.

“Special arrangements were made, including the deployment of buses and heavy vehicles equipped to navigate through flooded areas. These vehicles were specifically chosen for their height and weight capacity, enabling them to traverse flooded streets safely. Additionally, communication channels were established to provide timely updates and guidance to staff regarding transportation routes and safety protocols," Dr Khader said.

Each of the network’s seven hospitals deployed ambulances ensuring 24/7 availability for patient transport and emergency care.

“This strategic distribution of ambulances across all our hospitals facilitated timely responses to medical emergencies, even during adverse weather events. Emergency rooms in Al Jurf were kept fully prepared and operational through meticulous planning and readiness measures," the official said.

Adequate staffing levels were ensured, with medical professionals ready to handle a diverse range of emergencies.

Essential supplies and equipment — from medications and bandages to defibrillators and oxygen tanks — were meticulously stocked to promptly respond to patients' needs.

Akbar Moideen Thumbay, vice-president of Thumbay Healthcare, said: “The relocation effort highlights the collaboration among medical practitioners, navigating through difficult circumstances to ensure patient care continues smoothly. As persistent rains throughout Tuesday tested endurance, we stepped up to support other facilities facing staffing shortages and power outages by offering diagnostics, scans, and lab services. This demonstrates our commitment to assisting the broader healthcare community during times of need.”


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