Video: Meet the Dubai 'heroes' who clean Burj Khalifa's windows


Video: Meet the Dubai heroes who clean Burj Khalifas windows

Dubai - This isn't your regular window cleaning gig.

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Published: Sat 26 Jan 2019, 3:14 PM

Cleaning Dubai's Burj Khalifa is no easy task. It involves a lot of effort, planning and high-end safety gear to execute. Behind the building's magnificent sheen is a team of expert window cleaners who climb the skyscraper and clean the building for three months at a time.
In a video shared on Twitter, Burj Khalifa shared a quick glimpse into how their window cleaning heroes get the job done.
This isn't your regular window cleaning gig, though.

One of the interesting things the Burj Khalifa window cleaners do before they proceed with their work is lock their high-tension ropes onto a structure to ensure their safety as they rappel down the side of the building.
Once that is done, the window cleaners then check wind speed using a portable device.
The wind determines whether or not cleaners will be deployed.
According to the video, if its around 12 knots, cleaners will check the speed to ensure that water doesn't splash all over the windows. Once they reach the ground, the team takes another lift all the way back to the top of the Burj and immediately repeats the process of washing.
The window cleaning team take 3 months to completely wash the Burj Khalifa's windows. They are deployed four times every year to ensure that the world's tallest building remains pristine.

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