'I hope to help more people': How life changed for UAE expats who won Dh25,000 per month for 25 years

The winnings has not just impacted their lives but also that of others


SM Ayaz Zakir

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Mohammed Adil (left) and Freilyn Angob. Photos: Supplied
Mohammed Adil (left) and Freilyn Angob. Photos: Supplied

Published: Sat 23 Dec 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 24 Dec 2023, 3:16 PM

When Indian expat Mohammed Adil won Dh25,000 every month for 25 years at the Fast 5 game of Emirates’ Draw, all he thought of was giving back to the community in a massive way. His story is not just about personal gain but about spreading joy.

Out of four instalments he has received so far, he has made a difference in the life of people around him with each instalment. Adil has donated a significant portion of his winnings to charitable causes and sponsored the wedding of a girl from a family with seven daughters, from the first instalment of Dh25,000. “The girl's father has seven daughters and it was quite difficult for him to take care of the marriage expenses. I am happy I could help them,” said Adil.

In the second instalment, Adil’s generous deed was giving away in charity to a less privileged man by helping the latter in covering the costs of his mother's operation. “I am happy that I can make people happy around me. May the Almighty retain this in me.”

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Adil, hailing from Azamgarh in India, is the sole provider for a family of eight, and faces the responsibility of supporting his own family, his late brother's family, and his parents. Tragically, his brother succumbed to Covid while working in Saudi Arabia.

Now, as the fortunate winner of a significant prize, Adil plans to secure a brighter future for his own children. “I am grateful for the support of my family. My winnings will extend to friends, extended family, and charitable causes.”

For himself, Adil has purchased an apartment in Lucknow, India, and plans to shift his family there soon. Despite this windfall, he remains dedicated to his job and dreams of investing in Dubai's real estate while contemplating setting up a business in the UAE.

Dreams of owning a farm

Freilyn Angob, the third winner of the monthly Dh25,000 prize for 25 years, expressed the immense impact this financial boon has had on her and her family. She has received three instalments out of 300. “The winnings has impacted my life so much. This amount is a big help, not only for me but for my family,” said Angob.

As a working individual, she views the prize as a safety net and plans to save for a future business venture. Angob dreams of owning a farm and using her winnings to adopt stray dogs, embodying her compassion for animals. “⁠I dream of having my very own farm and to adopt stray dogs as much as I can, and I am hopeful that this prize will help me fulfill it,” said Angob.

Acts of kindness

She has already brought her parents to the UAE, allowing them to enjoy the wonders of the country. Despite her newfound fortune, Angob remains humble, helping those in need. “I have helped some people that needed my help and I am hoping to save more and help more people in the future,” said Angob.

Angob added that her family will now have the chance to do the things that they wanted to do. “All my winnings/success in life, big or small, my family have been very supportive, my winnings/success are theirs as well,” said Angob.


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