UAE: 180 motorists fined for allowing small children in front seats of vehicles

Drivers allowing children under the age of 10 to sit in front seats of vehicles face a fine of Dh400

By Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 7 Aug 2022, 12:56 PM

Police in Abu Dhabi have issued a new warning for parents reminding them about the importance of children’s safety when travelling with them in vehicles.

The move follows the fining of 180 motorists who were caught allowing children aged below the age of 10 to sit in front seats of vehicles during the first six months of this year.

Abu Dhabi Police said families should refrain from the dangerous habit of letting kids sit in front seats of cars.

“Allowing kids to sit in front seats of vehicles is very risky and poses danger to the children's safety,” said an officer from Abu Dhabi Police.

“Children below the age of 10 must only sit in the back seats of vehicles and should wear seatbelts. Kids under the age of four should be seated in appropriate child seats to ensure their safety.”

Drivers allowing children under the age of 10 to sit in front seats of vehicles face a fine of Dh400. The vehicle is also seized and the owner fined Dh5,000, under the Abu Dhabi traffic law.

The UAE traffic law also stipulates a fine of Dh400 for families that don’t provide child car seats for children aged four and below.

According to the UAE traffic law, children under 10 or less than 145 cm in height are not allowed to sit in the front seat of vehicles.

According to traffic authorities, small children should be put in a child seat and restrained by the seat belt when being seated in the rear of the vehicle.

Studies have shown that the impact a child could experience in unrestrained seat is equivalent to that of a fall from 10 metres. A car seat would ensure their safety and security in the event of such accidents, according to road safety experts.


Traffic reports indicate that many children have been involved in road accidents across the UAE, which resulted in injuries and deaths due to failure by families to provide them with child car seats or for allowing them to occupy front car seats which violates the traffic law.

Police said some mothers were carrying their toddlers on the laps in the front car seats which poses great danger to the children in the event of an accident.

Abu Dhabi Police have stressed the importance of having child seats inside vehicles to reduce the risk of accidents, and the resulting injuries and deaths.

Traffic authorities have also warned that leaving a car engine running when children are inside alone, can lead to endangering of the kids as they always tamper with the vehicle and its engine.

“It is a very dangerous habit for parents to leave their children in vehicles without adult supervision,” police said in a statement,” said traffic officers.

“Leaving children alone inside parked cars at homes or in other places is an act of negligence which leads to serious consequences including death.”

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