Sheikh Mohamed is the new President; excitement, expectations abound as UAE pivots to new era of growth

Business and expatriate community leaders are coming forward in droves to share their happiness, excitement and aspirations about the country’s future


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Published: Mon 16 May 2022, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 16 May 2022, 11:04 PM

Prominent members of the UAE’s business, professional and expatriate community expressed their profound happiness and hopes about the continued prosperity and progress of the nation as His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan took up the mantle of the highest office from his departed brother Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The ascension of Sheikh Mohamed as the third President of the UAE marks yet another defining moment for the nation that has just completed 50 years of breathtaking growth and all-round development to get elevated to the ranks of the topmost advanced countries of the planet during the past decade.

Under late Sheikh Zayed, the Father of the Nation, the UAE had achieved spectacular and sustained growth and prosperity for 33 years since 1971 to build and consolidate its foundation to enable the country to leapfrog to an exhilarating era of growth under Sheikh Khalifa from 2004.

The late leader presided over a period of incredible development and ground-breaking social and economic reforms for almost 18 years to position the country not just as Arab world’s second largest and the most diversified economy but also as the world’s most sought-after destination for international investors, tourists, professionals, talents, multinationals, startups, technocrats, scientists and high-net worth individuals.

As the future-ready nation charts the next 50 years of road map with a bold and ambitious agenda of turbo-charged growth under the current visionary leadership helmed by the new President, and ably guided by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, along with Their Highnesses the Members of the Supreme Council, expectations abound about a great future in store for this uniquely vibrant nation.

Business and expatriate community leaders are coming forward in droves to share their happiness, excitement and aspirations about the country’s future under the farsighted leadership as the UAE draws the blueprint to realize its dream-goal of becoming the “Best Nation in the World” by 2071 when it will complete 100 years of nationhood.

Following are excerpts from congratulatory messages from a cross-section of the business and expatriate community members:

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation

Congratulations and blessings to Sheikh Mohamed, may Allah protect him, on the occasion of his election as the President of the UAE. We are moving forward, on the covenant and promise, according to his vision, for more achievements and successes. We are confident that the banner of the Union will grow firmer and stronger, fluttering in a more prosperous and brighter space.

Saif Humaid Al Falasi, group CEO of Enoc

We extend our best wishes to Sheikh Mohamed and ask God for his success as he continues to drive the progress of the nation. In recent years, Sheikh Mohamed has played an instrumental role in helping the UAE embrace change to support the country’s economic development and diversification.

Tawhid Abdulla, chairman of Dubai Jewellery Group

While mourning the loss of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, we are truly blessed to have our new President, Sheikh Mohamed to carry on the legacy and wisdom from his beloved brother. We congratulate His Highness on the new responsibility.

Shamsudheen Binmohideen, chairman of Regency Group

Proud to be a citizen of this great nation under a great visionary leadership. The able leadership of the President, Sheikh Mohamed, will take this nation further ahead across all sectors, including education, finance, culture, energy, women empowerment and foreign policies. Congratulations to the visionary leader who truly inspires us to dream big.

PNC Menon, chairman of Sobha Realty

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed, as we witness the next chapter of history. We look forward to a sustainable knowledge-based economy under his ambitious vision, which includes a larger role for the private sector in the economy, more investment opportunities, and increased economic diversification.

Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman, and MD of Aster DM Healthcare

Heartiest congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. One of the most charismatic, capable, and compassionate rulers in the region, Sheikh Mohamed was leading the country with the highest statesmanship for over a decade as the Crown Prince. He has inherited all the characteristics of his great father, the late Sheikh Zayed, and is loved and respected by everyone. He has cordial personal relationships and rapport with regional and world leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India.

Sunny Varkey, executive chairman of GEMS Education

Under President Sheikh Mohamed, the UAE is blessed with a line-up of benevolent and visionary leaders who are able to propel the growth of this nation to a higher level. As a statesman and inspirational leader of the Arab world, the whole world will continue to benefit from his wisdom, farsightedness, and peace initiatives.

Rizwan Sajan, founder chairman of Danube Group

Leadership is not new to Sheikh Mohamed. He had earlier transformed the UAE Army to position it as one of the most powerful defence forces. A visionary leader who possesses deep insights into the future, he has led the UAE in overcoming multiple crises. Under his dynamic and visionary leadership, the UAE will rise as the fastest-growing Arab economy through technology and innovation.

Paras Shahdadpuri, chairman of Nikai Group

Our heartiest congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. He has been the epitome of energy, growth, prosperity and most of all, a unique forward-thinking leader. I have had the fortune of meeting him at many occasions when I found him to be a unique personality, full of humility, kindness and welcoming sentiments for all nationals and expatriates alike. He believes in nurturing, educating, motivating and empowering the youth.

Mahendra Patel, chairman of GEAP International

Sheikh Mohamed has already proved his mettle as a great statesman and visionary leader as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. We are all highly optimistic that under his brilliant and pragmatic leadership, the UAE will continue to prosper and achieve holistic growth and become a force to reckon with in the world.

Mirwais Azizi, founder and chairman of Azizi Developments

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. We are hopeful he will continue with the nation’s progressive vision and build on Sheikh Khalifa’s legacy of prosperity, safety, innovation and growth. The UAE’s stability, agility and welcoming nature is sure to continue to be consolidated under his wise leadership.

Faizal Kottikollon, founder and chairman of KEF Holding

As a leader with insight and wisdom, Sheikh Mohamed has been an inspirational leader during his tenure as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. This great nation will continue to benefit from his pragmatic and brilliant leadership while the world will stand to benefit from his statesmanship and expertise in fostering international relationships.

Thomas KV, chairman of Thomsun Group

Under the wise leadership of Sheikh Mohamed, the UAE is on a fast-growth track to achieving its ambitious goals in the next 50 years of journey. We wish him all the best to carry forward the great and pragmatic initiatives to position this nation among the most advanced countries in the world.

Dr Ram Buxani, chairman of ITL Cosmos Group

The happiness and confidence expressed by all citizens and residents on the election of Sheikh Mohamed is a testimony to excellent track record as an astute leader. For nearly 18 years as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, he has been a familiar face among UAE citizens and also endeared himself with several historic agreements like the Abraham Accord and Cepa. He is a human par excellence, full of humility and simplicity.

Deepak C Jethwani, MD, Geebee Group

Our warmest congratulations to His Highness. We are confident that the UAE will continue to prosper and grow on all fronts with his wise leadership and vision. His Highness will continue to be an inspiring statesman to enhance global harmony and ensure peace and prosperity for all.

Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, chairman & MD, VPS Healthcare: I extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed. His Highness played a crucial role in combating the pandemic and ensuring a swift transition to normalcy for the UAE. His vision is a constant source of inspiration for the healthcare sector.

Mohan Valrani, chairman of Arcadia Education, co-founder & mentor at Al Shirawi Group

His Highness is a statesman who has deep-rooted personal relationships with most of the regional and world leaders and that will further help the UAE to become a global leader economically. His vision that UAE must look beyond oil and gas has created a thriving economy and environment that is helping businesses to grow. I am confident that the focus on sustainability, startup culture, innovation and openness to new technologies will build a sustainable knowledge-based economy that ensures a prosperous future for the UAE.

Adeeb Ahamed, MD of Lulu Financial Holdings

My hearty congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. His appointment gives the people of UAE a sense of courage and confidence to navigate this difficult period. The future is in safe hands and I pray for his good health in leading this great nation to greater heights.

Bharat Bhatia, founder and CEO, Conares

Sheikh Mohamed's role as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has been instrumental in steering the UAE economy towards independence from oil. From the outset, he has been leading the efforts towards increasing the country’s investment in non-oil sectors of the economy. As a result, he made the UAE the most competitive and attractive market for FDI in the Middle East. As President, he is sure to continue his vision of diversification of the economy by growing non-oil sectors and supporting start-ups and small businesses, in addition to spurring innovation through research and development.

Kamal Vachani, group director and partner of Al Maya Group

I extend my heartiest congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. He is truly a great visionary leader and under his leadership, the country will see the next phase of sustainable development. WE are confident that he will lead the nation to achieve its strategic goals of social and economic development. The UAE would achieve further success under his leadership.

Dr Surender Singh Kandhari, chairman, Al Dobowi Group UAE; chairman, Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara Dubai: We wish Sheikh Mohamed every success in his esteemed new role. We are highly optimistic that his ability and farsightedness as a visionary leader and statesman will continue to benefit this country and its people to further build on the legacy of the founding fathers of UAE. Heartiest congratulations.

James Mathew, CEO & managing partner of UHY James Chartered Accountants

The UAE’s third President Sheikh Mohamed brings with him the promise of exemplary leadership skills, decisiveness, determination and devotion to the country and its people. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the new leader as he sets forth on a journey to steer the UAE towards future readiness, transformation, and growth.

Sunil John, founder and President of ASDA’A BCW

It is my honour to congratulate Sheikh Mohamed as he leads a transformational era of growth for the nation. As the driving force in the UAE's economic diversification strategy, Sheikh Mohamed has not only enhanced the nation’s geopolitical stature across the world but also fostered a framework of sustainable development backed by positive climate action. His progressive policies are a model for future-driven development and will help secure the nation’s Vision 2071 to be among the best countries in the world. Sheikh Mohamed’s belief that youth, not oil, is the future of the nation has been an inspiration for everyone.

Suresh Kumar, chairman IBPC Dubai

Sheikh Mohamed has been an outstanding statesman and a transformational leader in the UAE for a number of years now in his earlier capacity as Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. He brings to this office of Presidency, considerable and necessary authority in terms of endorsements from the Supreme Council Members and experience in having engaged with global leadership for a number of decades

Dr Faisel Ikram, president, Pakistan Association Dubai

On behalf of the Pakistani community, I would like to extend my heartfelt felicitations to Sheikh Mohamed. His staunch leadership and exemplary vision will take the country to new heights.

Dr Hadi Shahid, managing partner, Alliott Hadi Shahid and founding member of Pakistan Business Council

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. He is a great visionary leader known for his humanitarian contribution and loved by nationals and residents alike.

Imran Chaudhry, chairman of Cinergie Group

When I first moved here in the 70s, the country was young but growing fast under the great leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed. Today, his vision and legacy carry on, and I sincerely congratulate Sheikh Mohamed on becoming the third President of the UAE.

Ahmed Shaikhani, president, Pakistan Business Council Dubai

On behalf of Pakistan Business Council Dubai and its members, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. May Allah bless his presidency and lead him towards more prosperity and success now and beyond. Long live the UAE.

Shabbir Merchant, chairman of Champion Group

Warmest congratulations to our new President. His inauguration represents a new historical era for our country, in which we look forward to a great journey towards glory and development to further strengthen the leadership of the UAE. I am confident that he will lead UAE to greater heights, development and prosperity Insha llah and pray to Allah Almighty to bless and guide His Highness.

Deepak J Babani, MD, Satguru Holdings Ltd

We offer our sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. As the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, he has done exemplary work. We expect further great contributions from this great leader in transforming the UAE as one of the world’s most advanced and prosperous nations.

Hareeish Kumar, CEO of Petrochem

We extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes Sheikh Mohamed. We are confident that under his brilliant leadership, this nation will continue to achieve continued prosperity and growth across all sectors while ensuring peace, stability and prosperity for the whole region. We wish the President good health and every success in the fulfillment of his responsibilities.

Sameer K Mohamed, MD of Jaleel Holdings

Warmest congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed on his appointment as President of the UAE. We have already witnessed the decisive and forward-thinking leadership capabilities of His Highness during his tenure as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and we have seen that he has inherited all the qualities of his late father that made him a great leader. I am certain that he will continue the legacy of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to lead the UAE with the wisdom that the people of this nation have come to expect from their leaders.

Tariq Chauhan, group CEO of EFS Facilities Services Group

I wish to congratulate Sheikh Mohamed on being elected the new President. Congratulations to the UAE, its Rulers, citizens and residents for being entrusted with a dynamic vision such as his that will guide the nation to greater heights and its people's bright future.

Saleem Kalsekar, MD Rasasi Perfumes

We welcome Sheikh Mohamed as the President of the UAE. He has already proven his mettle as an extraordinary leader. We are confident that under his dynamic and visionary leadership, the UAE will enter a new era of regional and global prominence. We will continue to contribute towards the development of this great country and help realize the vision of our leaders.

Raju Menon, chairman and MD, Kreston Menon

The rapport Sheikh Mohamed enjoys with world leaders will help the UAE play a more active role in ensuring regional security and promoting trade relations. It was the cordial relationship he shares with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that accelerated the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement which is expected to boost bilateral trade. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed has always supported startup initiatives of the UAE with the aim to enable the country to be the tech and knowledge hub of the world.

K. Rajaram, CEO of Al Nabooda Automobiles

My best wishes to the new President. May this great nation continue to prosper and grow under his able and visionary leadership.

Johnson Thomas, managing partner of First Flight Couriers

Sheikh Mohamed has made the UAE the most competitive and attractive market by taking the initiative such as Golden visa and 100 per cent foreign ownership in business which has created huge opportunities for investors while transforming the UAE into one of the safest investment friendly countries in the world.

Sanjay Malhotra, chief consumer banking officer of Dubai Islamic Bank

Heartiest congratulations to His Highness on being elected the president of this great country. Our best wishes for taking this nation to even greater glory.

Sir Sohan Roy, founder chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed on being elected UAE president. I am sure that under his able leadership, transformative ideology, and far-sighted vision, the UAE shall continue to achieve further pinnacles of success.

Sajith Kumar PK, Group CEO & MDIBMC Financial Professionals Group

Hearty congratulations and wishing all success to the visionary and proactive Presidency to uplift the UAE as most influencing economy in the world. Along with the chairman and board of IBMC, we are committed to supporting this great nation in its journey to achieve further prosperity and advanced growth under the visionary leadership of the new President.

Dinesh Kothari, MD at Delhi Private School Dubai

Our heartiest congratulations to the new President. Sheikh Mohamed has fulfilled his role as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi for more than 10 years with utmost statesmanship and put the UAE in the center stage of world politics.

Dr Mostafa Al Guezeri, MD, Hitachi Energy

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. We wish the President every success to serve the country and its people with his visionary leadership and take the nation on the path of growth, prosperity and development.

Abdul Jebbar PB, group MD, Hotpack Global

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed on taking over as the new president of the UAE. He has served this country and its people with the utmost integrity and diligence as the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and has proven himself to be capable of carrying this new responsibility that he has inherited.

Ali Shabdar, MEA regional director, Zoho Corp

I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed on his appointment as the President of the UAE.

Ms Malou Caluza, CEO, QNET

Our heartiest congratulations to the newly appointed President. We ask Almighty God to guide him and his brothers, the Rulers of the Emirates, for the good of this country and its honourable people.

Bader Alzaabi, president, WOW Electronic Transport Services

I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. His sharp economic vision will lead the UAE to new heights.

Siddharth Balachandran, executive chairman & CEO Buimerc Corporation

Heartfelt congratulations to Sheikh Mohamed. May his presidency be blessed with many great milestones rife with prosperity and happiness. I am convinced that the UAE, already the Arab world's fastest growing economy, will reach the pinnacle of success and development under his leadership.


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