UAE announces new contract offering employment opportunities for studying citizens

Non-compliant establishments and studying citizens face penalties and repayment


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Published: Tue 13 Jun 2023, 7:22 PM

Last updated: Tue 13 Jun 2023, 7:41 PM

In an effort to enhance the development and support of Emirati nationals, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has partnered with the Emirates Competitiveness Council for Emirati Nationals (Nafis) to introduce a groundbreaking initiative, the "Studying Citizen Employment Contract."

This new contract is designed to provide studying citizens with employment opportunities while they pursue their education within approved programmes supported by Nafis.

The Studying Citizen Employment Contract is a formal agreement between employers and citizens who are concurrently enrolled in higher education programmes. These programmes have been rigorously vetted and approved by Nafis, ensuring their alignment with the specialised job categories and professions specified by the Ministry.

Resolution No. 240 for the year 2023 permits the contractual engagement of studying citizens in supported programmes specified by Nafis, for a minimum duration determined by the Ministry after completing their studies.

This resolution encourages employers to provide suitable employment opportunities to studying citizens for a minimum duration, as determined by the Ministry, following their successful completion of the study period.

Employers must issue work permits and provide a monthly salary of at least Dh4,000 through the Wage Protection System. Studying citizens are counted within the establishment's localisation ratios.

It is worth noting that the benefits provided by Nafis to citizen employees in the private sector cannot be combined with the incentives granted to studying citizens enrolled in supported programmes.

Upon graduation, the contract can be modified to a regular citizen employment contract, with salary adjustments to match the occupation and specialisation field.

Studying citizens have obligations, including obtaining approval for specialisation changes, completing the approved programmes successfully, and adhering to training schedules.

Strict measures have been put in place to ensure compliance with the resolution. Establishments failing to fulfill their obligations may face penalties and required contributions.

Similarly, studying citizens breaching their contractual obligations are obliged to repay all amounts received from the establishment during the duration of the studying citizen employment contract.


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