Look: Lunar eclipse in UAE dims the Moon

Residents came out in full force to watch the celestial spectacle unfold


Sahim Salim

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Published: Sun 29 Oct 2023, 12:49 PM

Last updated: Sun 29 Oct 2023, 11:11 PM

The bright, full Moon remained dim well past midnight on Saturday as a partial lunar eclipse wowed the UAE. Residents came out in full force to watch the celestial spectacle unfold.

Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Dubai shared these photos of the eclipse:

The year’s last eclipse began at 10.22pm and reached its peak at 12.14am. As captured by the Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomy Centre, here is how the full Moon looked as the Earth’s shadow fell on the lunar surface when passing between the Sun and Moon:

Astronomy organisations across the country hosted watch sessions for stargazers. Al Sadeem Observatory in Abu Dhabi shared these images of the cosmic display:

Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Dubai said its lunar eclipse event saw 250 visitors. The centre streamed the event live and garnered 19,000 views.

Photos: Dubai Astronomy Group
Photos: Dubai Astronomy Group

Residents also ventured into the desert to get a clear view of the Moon. “Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are visible from a broader geographic area, making it a collective experience for skygazers,” the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG) had explained earlier.

Stargazers don’t need special equipment to watch the spectacle. According to Nasa, the next lunar eclipse will be in March 2024.

If you missed the event, fret not, for another celestial event will be visible in the UAE this week. On November 3, Jupiter will be at its closest point to Earth, offering residents the best opportunity to see the solar system’s largest planet in all its glory.


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