I would sign up to go to the frontline: Abu Dhabi resident

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I would sign up to go to the frontline: Abu Dhabi resident
Bodies of martyrs arrived in Abu Dhabi. Wam photo

Residents of Abu Dhabi express regret for not getting chance to serve their country


Silvia Radan

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Published: Mon 7 Sep 2015, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Mon 7 Sep 2015, 3:31 PM

A mix of emotions were on display when Khaleej Times reached out to a cross-section of people in the national Capital to get their response about the tragic loss of 45 young men in Yemen.
Some expressed regret, some shock, while most offered support to the UAE government's participation in Saudi-led Operation Restoring Hope in Yemen.
Emiratis as well as expats wished a safe return for all members of the UAE Armed Forces in the line of duty.
Two Emiratis and an expat shared their feelings with KT over the martyrdom of the brave young men killed while on duty.
Regret doing nothing: Arif Al Mesaabi (UAE)
"I believe every Emirati would wish to sacrifice his life for the country. Even though we are very sad to have lost our sons and brothers, at the same time we wish upon ourselves to have such an honourable death. In light of such martyrdom, I have no doubt that all Emirati men would look upon their lives as meaningless in terms of service to our country.
Personally, I consider my life as 'cheap' in comparison to the military force. I have done nothing to protect my country and I regret it. If the army would allow volunteers I would sign up my name to go to the front line. I know the families of some of the men who died in this attack and yes, they were sad, they were crying, but in the same time they felt proud for their sons."
I hope they return safely: Stephan Hutt (Germany)
"It was such a terrible, sad news. I remember on Saturday morning I received a video from a friend of mine showing a big line of ambulances rushing through Abu Dhabi.
"First I thought it was a plane crash at Al Bateen airport, but then I found out what had happened. My first thoughts went to the family of these men.
"How do you cope with the loss of a child? Some of them had children of their own... What terrible news! May their souls rest in peace and may God help their families overcome this incomprehensible loss!
"I hope peace solutions will be found soon not just in Yemen, but throughout the Middle East and UAE's sons will return home without any single drop of blood spilled."
Couldn't stop crying: Farah Al Balouchi (UAE)
"I didn't know any of the brave soldiers' families, but, to be honest, I couldn't stop crying when I first heard the news. I don't believe UAE has ever had such big loss of people on a battlefield before and it shocked the entire nation! My brothers went to the mosque and to the cemetery to attend some of the funerals and pay their respects. It was the least way to say thank you for their ultimate sacrifice. I also wished I could help in some way, even if it's a very small help, so I went on Saturday to give blood to help any wounded soldiers.
"We all pray that they are all granted the highest rank in heaven. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten, and we pray that Allah will give their families the strength to cope with their losses."

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