How Dubai officials tried to save the life of a cat lying on the road

Dubai - An official from the municipality stayed on the line with Souhair till he reached the location.

By Ahmed Shabaan and Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 6:13 PM

"Thank you, Dubai Municipality, for trying hard to save the life of this little poor cat."

This is how famous TV anchor Souhair Alqaisi, originally from Iraq, reacted in a tweet she posted on her official account on Friday morning.

Souhair was driving home when she noticed a cat lying on the side of the Dubai road in seemingly critical condition.

Hoping the cat was still alive, she contacted Dubai Municipality who dispatched a team to the reported site.

“Lots of thanks to Dubai Municipality and their wonderful team for fulfilling my request and trying to rescue the cat lying on the side of the road.”

Touched by the kind gesture, Souhair said: “I am proud of my second country, UAE.”

In another video tweet, she explained how a municipality official named Rashid remained in touch with her on WhatsApp until he reached the exact site of the cat in an attempt to rescue it.

“This is Rashid’s voice (heard in the video), of the Dubai Municipality. He stayed on the line with me to know the exact location of the cat,” she said.

Rashid was hoping to find the cat alive. Unfortunately, when he got to the location, it was already dead, Souhair said.

“Nonetheless, this humanitarian spirit of the UAE will always enlighten our life; all my love to you, and tons of thanks to the patron of humanitarian initiatives, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.”

Responding to Souhair's tweets, one user wrote, "That’s how solid local government municipalities operate. Thank you for showing this to us!"

Taking to its social media account, Dubai Municipality thanked Souhair and the wider community for pushing them to do better. "Thank you to all our customers behind Dubai Municipality's success," read the post. "Your continuous positive feedback strengthens our vision in making Dubai the happiest, smartest, and most sustainable city in the world."

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