For some in Dubai, Eid holiday is only a dream

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For some in Dubai, Eid holiday is only a dream

Dubai - "I miss my family. They all celebrate Eid together. It is just me who is here alone."

By Sana Altaf

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Published: Mon 11 Jul 2016, 3:39 PM

Last updated: Tue 12 Jul 2016, 9:08 AM

  M.Mohsin added flavor to the Eid celebrations of scores of families. From early morning of Eid-Al-Fitr, he set out for his work.Through the day, Mohsin rode through different parts of Dubai to deliver food.
The day was busier than other days, forcing him to work overtime. There were no celebrations for him on Eid. It has been only work and missing family.
"I do not get off day on Eid. I work normally. I just go for the Eid prayers after which I resume my work," said Mohsin, who works as a delivery boy for a restaurant in Dubai.
While Mohsin lives alone in Dubai away from his family, he is unable to spend any time with his friends and acquaintances as well.
"I miss my family. They all celebrate Eid together. It is just me who is here alone."
Mohsin came to Dubai two years back. And since hasn't ever been able to celebrate Eid with his family. Hailing from Pakistan, he says he is burdened by family responsibilities which makes him work harder.
"I am paid a salary of Dh 2000. There is no compensation for working on Eid."
It was four years back when K.H last celebrated Eid with his family. Working as a taxi driver in Dubai, he gets no holiday for Eid and works normally.
"I work on Eid normally, ferrying people to different places to celebrate Eid."
Taking passengers to airport in days following Eid made him miss home even more.
 "I have been ferrying lots of passengers to airport.  And almost all of them were going home for Eid. They are very lucky."
"We are working so that the general public does not face any problem in commuting during the festival of Eid."
"They miss me a lot. But I cannot help it. I have to earn my living."
He however sends money and gifts for his children on Eid. "This is all that I can do."
After getting married, he left his country for Dubai to support his family. He works in a local company, where he gets no off days for Eid. He says none of his colleges who work as security guards get the day off.
"Those working as guards in big, international companies do get off for Eid. We do not," he told Khaleej Times.
He hasn't been able to go home for a year. "I was not able to be with my family even when my son passed away. Nothing can be more painful."
"I miss my family. But I have to stay here to feed them," he adds.
Meanwhile, the Ministries and Federal entities enjoyed holidays from 28 of Ramadan 1437 Hijri year, corresponding to Sunday, July 3, resuming work on Sunday, July 10, 2016. The private sector were given holiday on the 1st and 2nd day of Shawwal.

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