Dubai: Couple travels to 17 countries without a plane, makes pit stop in UAE

The German couple started their adventure nine months ago and have been using buses, cars, boats and ships to get to and from places


Nasreen Abdulla

Published: Sun 11 Feb 2024, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Mon 12 Feb 2024, 3:35 PM

Imagine travelling halfway across the world without using an aeroplane. That is exactly what German couple Theresa and Dennis are doing. The duo have been on the move for over nine months now and made a pit stop at Dubai earlier this week. The UAE is the 17th country they have visited since starting their adventure.

“We have been using buses, cars, boats and ships to get to and from places,” said Dennis. “The idea to travel without flights was first taken on a whim, but now we have realised that we are inspiring a lot of people around the world. So we are trying our best to stick to it as much as possible.”

In Iraq, the couple opted for a 23-hour bus ride as opposed to a one-hour plane ride for visa reasons to stay true to their commitment. “Iraq has two types of visas — one for the Kurdish region and one for the rest of the country,” said Dennis. “We had the option to take a one hour flight from the Kurdish region and get our visas at the airport but we instead chose to get on a bus to Turkey and then re-enter Iraq through a different border.”