Dubai: 5 killed, 29 injured in e-scooter accidents over past 8 months

Over 10,000 fines have been imposed on riders during the same period


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AFP file photo
AFP file photo

Published: Tue 24 Oct 2023, 3:12 PM

Last updated: Wed 25 Oct 2023, 11:53 AM

Five people were killed and 29 injured in several e-scooter accidents across Dubai over the past eight months, the Dubai Police revealed on Tuesday, as they reiterated the call for riders to follow road safety regulations.

Authorities are actively monitoring the streets of Dubai. Major-General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the traffic department, said over 10,000 fines were imposed on riders in the last eight months.

They have also recorded 32 accidents due to the “improper use” of e-scooters. Of the injuries, two were severe, 14 moderate, and 13 were minor cases.

The police posted a video showing riders committing various traffic violations.

Up to Dh300 fine is slapped on riders who endanger their own or others’ lives. There are other corresponding penalties for other violations (see list below).

In the video shared by Dubai Police, some of the common violations committed are riding e-scooters on main roads, including underpass; riding against the flow of traffic; carrying a passenger on an e-scooter; and minors below 16 years old riding e-scooters. (Children can use kick scooters – not e-scooters – and are allowed only in parks under the guidance of adults).

Focus on road safety

Al Mazroui reiterated: “Our operations focus on reducing violations of traffic laws and apprehending reckless drivers to ensure road safety and minimise fatality incidents.

He urged e-scooter riders to follow all relevant safety rules. "These include respecting traffic laws, sticking to designated paths, avoiding roads with speeds exceeding 60kmph, wearing helmets and reflective jackets, adhering to traffic lights and other road signs, and equipping rides with bright white and reflective lights at the front, as well as bright red and reflective lights at the back. It's also imperative that the vehicles have functioning brakes," he explained.

Growing mode of transport

In Dubai, many residents are turning to a combination of public transport and e-scooters and bicycles for their home-to-work commutes. They are allowed inside the Metro Stations but must be stowed in the designated luggage area. Tracks and designated zones have been designated across the city to make safety a top priority.

All e-scooter riders are also required to obtain a permit from concerned authorities and everyone is obliged to act responsibly.

Act responsibly, avoid these fines

In March 2022, the Executive Council of Dubai issued a set of regulations for the use of bicycles and electric bikes and e-scooters in Dubai. Its aim is to transform Dubai into a bicycle-friendly city and the use of environmental-friendly modes of transport. It also contributes to reducing road traffic congestion by encouraging the use of alternative means of transport, and promoting the public health of the community.

Here’s a reminder to all e-scooter riders and cyclists to comply with the regulations and ensure public safety.

  • Failure to ride within specified lanes: Dh200
  • Riding on a road with a speed limit of more than 60kmph: Dh300
  • Riding dangerously: Dh300
  • Riding or parking scooters on walking or jogging paths: Dh200
  • Using an e-scooter without a permit: Dh200
  • Failure to wear vests or helmets: Dh200
  • Failure to comply with speed limits: Dh100
  • Carrying a passenger: Dh300
  • Failure to adhere to safety requirements: Dh200
  • Riding a bike that does not meet technical requirements: Dh300
  • Parking in non-designated spaces or in a way that poses risks or obstructs traffic: Dh200
  • Failure to comply with instructions on information signs: Dh200
  • Failure to dismount when on a pedestrian crossing: Dh200
  • Failure to report an accident: Dh300
  • Using the lefthand side of the road: Dh200
  • Riding against traffic: Dh200


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