The hidden features inside latest iPhone update


The hidden features inside latest iPhone update

The iOS 13 also will introduce more artificial intelligence to enable Apple's digital assistant.

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Published: Sat 8 Jun 2019, 12:52 PM

Last updated: Sat 8 Jun 2019, 3:12 PM

Apple earlier this week announced upcoming changes to its phone and computer software intended to highlight its increasing emphasis on digital services and to further position it as a fierce guardian of personal privacy.

The revisions previewed during a conference in California on June 4, included a new feature that will let people log into apps and other services with an Apple ID instead of relying on similar sign-in options from Facebook and Google - two companies that mine data to sell advertising. Apple said it won't collect tracking information about users from that service.
Apple executives also claimed that iOS 13 will open apps faster and features a new version of the Face ID system will unlock your phone 30 percent faster.
The software also will introduce more artificial intelligence to enable Apple's digital assistant, Sir, to speak more like a human and, if so assigned, automatically tackle even more tasks, such as reading incoming messages out loud as Apple tries to catch up to the digital assistants made by Google and Amazon.
Apple's improvements in artificial intelligence also hatched a new photo-management tool that picks out the best photos taken on a certain day or in an entire month or year.

In addition to these features that made it into Apple's keynote event, there are dozens of smaller new changes and tweaks that are included in iOS 13. The Independent and Mac Rumors have listed out some of some of those exciting but hidden updates:
Hide your location
As part of that feature, Apple will also let users mask their true email addresses when signing into apps and services. That will involve faux email address that automatically forward to the user's personal email.  When the next version of the iPhone software comes out this fall, Apple is also promising to give people the option of limiting the time apps can follow their locations and prevent tracking through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.
 New Animoji, Emoji and Globe Keys

There are three new Animoji in iOS 13: a cow, an octopus, and a mouse, there are also tons of new accessories for your Memojis, and there are new Memoji stickers you'll see available in the emoji portion of the iOS keyboard.
The emoji key lives next to the number key on the iOS keyboard and the globe is now below.The globe key that lets you switch between languages.  In iOS 12, a long press swapped between functions of the all-in-one key.

Improved messaging search
To make searching through messages on the iPhone easier,  Apple waned to improve the process a little easier. The new process will now suggests users you might be searching for, or links that people have recently sent and that you might want to have another look at.
Bluetooth Options in Control Centre
You will be able to access your list of available Bluetooth devices from the Control Center same as with WiFi.
For this, long press in the middle of the WiFi/Bluetooth widget to bring up the extended options and then Force Touch on the Bluetooth icon to see a list of Bluetooth devices you've connected to before.
Mouse support
iOS, now allow you to navigate around by using a mouse. It is available as an accessibility feature because it can be  useful to people who might otherwise find it difficult to use the touchscreen, such as those who find it difficult to be precise while navigating around.
Those who prefer not to crouch over when using their iPad at a desk, or if they are doing precise browsing that is best done by using a mouse, will find this feature useful.

Block senders and thread muting in Mail

In iOS 13, the Settings app has a feature for blocking contacts in Mail and ignoring blocked senders. This will let you block people from sending you mail, as your list of blocked phone numbers and contacts extends to the Mail app. There's another new option to mute a thread so you won't get notifications when a new email in that thread is received.

Block unknown callers

There's a new toggle in the Phone section of the Settings app, that will let you block all unknown callers, cutting down on spam calls that you're receiving.

-Low data mode -
There's an option to enable Low Data Mode in the Settings app under Cellular, which says it helps apps on your iPhone reduce their network data use.  There is also a low data mode option that can be enabled for specific WiFi networks.

Wi-Fi Options in control centre

You can change WiFi networks right from Control Center, but it's a bit annoying to get to. Long press in the middle of the WiFi/Bluetooth widget to bring up the extended options, and then Force Touch the WiFi icon to see a list of networks available.

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