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Arun Pal, Vice President, Nikai Group of Companies
Arun Pal, Vice President, Nikai Group of Companies

Arun Pal, Vice President, Nikai Group of Companies sheds light on Nikai's latest range of home appliances and consumer electronics that have been designed to attract young decision makers

By Deepa Narwani

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Published: Thu 28 Apr 2016, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 28 Apr 2016, 10:41 PM

There is a growing focus on health and wellness in the UAE today and this is linked to concerns over increasing levels of obesity, diabetes, allergies and respiratory problems. With information easily accessible on the internet, consumers have become more conscious of their choices especially when it comes to investing in home appliances. Arun Pal, Vice President, Nikai Group of Companies says that the UAE consumer embraces latest gadgetry in its lifestyle. "Added to that the easy availability due to consistent growth being recorded in the number of shopping centres operating in the UAE has led to growth in value sales," he says.
Nikai is one of the most renowned brands in the UAE and has a number of options for customers to choose from. In the small home appliance category the company has launched its state-of-the-art Signature series that is packed with a variety of features. This new range of appliances includes new premium range models to appeal to a younger, more design-centric audience. This unique range of ovens, microwaves, blenders, juicers etc. are currently quite popular in the appliances category.
"In a constant endeavour to provide the consumer with the latest technology products to suit their lifestyle, we have introduced new models across product categories," adds Pal.
The company has recently launched their new Italian Electric Cookers, which according to Pal are gaining popularity with the locals. Nikai has also launched new ceramic top cookers to suit the evolving lifestyle of today's generation.
The air conditioners have also been strengthened with models available in both Rotary and Piston compressors. Plus, Nikai's new range of Split Air Conditioners is equipped with different features and a hidden digital display.
Pal says, "Taking a leaf from the usage pattern of consumers we have also launched new Electric Ovens with keep-warm function. This helps to keep the food warm after it has been cooked. These are some of the new products that are being introduced in 2016."
According to Pal, the home appliances market has evolved over the years and there is an increasing awareness among consumers in the UAE.
"Buyers of home appliances products are more knowledgeable about technological specifications of products, and base their decisions on the overall value offered by the manufacturer and retailer," adds Pal.
There is an increasing presence of food-related media like reality cooking shows with celebrity chefs, says Pal, which inspires many consumers to cook and eat healthy food. "A direct consequence of this trend has been the enormous growth in small kitchen appliances like choppers, blenders, food processors, meat grinders, juicers etc. This is definitely an opportunity for retailers across the region."
The UAE has been found to be the eighth most-popular global location among international retailers and the highest in the Middle East and Pal stresses that the country is a very important market with home appliances being the only category where there's been less price erosion. Over the past five years there has been a steady growth in the appliances business.
According to latest data by Euromonitor International, the home appliance segment in the UAE witnessed an average household spend of $350.
He says, "Though the UAE is the smallest market in absolute sales volume in the region, it is expected to see an annual growth rate of seven per cent by 2019, putting it among the top 10 countries in terms of volume growth."
Pal feels that consumers today are more health-conscious than ever before. As they make healthier choices, this is reflected prominently in their purchases of home appliances. Reports found that last year alone saw 2.94 million units of consumer appliances sold in the country, of these, health-oriented appliances are showing a positive trend with steady growth being seen in products like juice extractors, electric steamers and electric grills; the trend is expected to continue for 2015-16 as well.
Focus on Consumer Electronics
The UAE is one of the fastest growing countries in the world in almost all aspects and this has facilitated the growth of consumer electronics market in the region. Plus, there has been a positive trend in recent years due to an increasingly tech-savvy population, rise in tourism, and the introduction of innovative lifestyle products by manufacturers. Smartphones, tablets and smart TVs remain some of the most popular products steering this industry boom.
Pal says, "In 2015 we saw the sales figures shift towards compact and multifunctional devices, particularly those offering internet connectivity. There is therefore an increase in sales for tablets, smartphones and smart LEDs."
The consumer electronics market growth is mainly driven by increasing disposable income, expanding urban population and easy access to the internet. Today, connected devices are the new preference for consumers and this has resulted in a higher off take of smart televisions. "The newly launched Curve LEDs as well as the UHD LEDs have also got a very good response from the consumers," adds Pal.
One of the most significant developments in the local market in recent times, according to Pal, has been the organisation of the ever-growing number of annual shopping festivals such as the Summer Surprises, GITEX Shopper, Consumer Electronics Expo, Dubai Shopping Festival as well as a number of trade fairs. These, he says, have resulted in the significant increase of sales for electronics firms.
Pal says, "The leading channel in Consumer Electronics continues to be electronics and appliance specialist retailers, benefitting from the wide product and price range offerings and their ability to give expert advice."
Electronics has always been one of Dubai's greatest attractions for the shopper and tourist alike and the UAE is a very important market.
"Products from the best known manufacturers are available here at what are, perhaps, the best prices in the world," he says. "The UAE attracts consumers from across the globe, thus it is very important that the brand is showcased at all the leading outlets."
Currently, there is a growing demand for consumer electronics in the UAE, which according to reports has led to a boom in the sector. Consumer Electronics is expected to continue to benefit from economic growth and the surge in shopping tourism.
Pal adds, "In addition to strong growth for tablets and smartphones, smart watches are also expected to be a dynamic growth area, accounting for the dominant share of both sales and absolute sales. The smart city concept shall further fuel growth in electronics."
In terms of the Nikai's future plans, Pal says that the company's focus is to continuously innovate products and services. It aims to offer customers a good value proposition.

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