iTech: Is this the future of television - Apple TV

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iTech: Is this the future of television - Apple TV
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Published: Wed 15 Jun 2016, 4:18 PM

Last updated: Thu 11 Aug 2016, 5:42 PM

Aside from the advent of colour TV, high definition and flat screen technology there haven't been too many wholesale advances in how we consume television content. Of course very recently companies such as Netflix have brought about the binge-watch concept - releasing whole series of shows at once and digital/cable companies have allowed us to record shows, pause live TV etc. But isn't it time for your television to become a fully integrated part of your household technology. Your phone and computer speak to each other, so why not include the machine in front of which you spend a vast amount of time.
This is what the new version of Apple TV is looking to do. The future of television, according to the company is apps. Much like every other device, your TV will now be a selection of apps tailored to your preferences. What is Netflix really if not an app? Want to go on holiday, download the Air BnB app and scroll through properties on your big screen.  Like extreme sports? Get the Red Bull TV app and have access to hours of free content. There's the YouTube app, the fitness apps and then there's the games. Okay we're not going to get too technical because it's not. With Apple TV you get a small black cube and therein lies a massive processor. That's the bit you stick in your TV. Then you get a small touch-sensitive remote. Scroll through options on the screen by running your thumb over the remote's touchpad and click. It's that easy. Or use the voice recognition to search. AND, as it contains a gyroscope, use it to play Wii-style games.

What we liked
. The connectivity with your phone. Have something on there you want on the big screen? Just use Airplay to beam it over.
. The simplicity. Plug the system in and go. If you're familiar with iOS it's going to be like riding a bike.
. The vast array of apps available. YouTube, Vimeo, TED Talks, TripAdvisor, Netflix, and a new app from Du that allows you to watch around 100 channels if you're not a Du subscriber and 200 if you are, for free. Perfect for Ramadan.
. The games. Download game apps and you can be playing tennis, racing cars or playing pool.
. The fitness programmes. Work out with the Zova app and people onscreen show you what to do and for how long you should do it.
. Compatibility with your existing Apple accounts. Specifically the ability to get everything from your Cloud and purchase movies or songs with your iTunes account.

What we didn't
. If you're beaming something from your phone on AirPlay, you can only use your phone to message. A call will cut the transmission.

Yeah.we liked it.

By David Light

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