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Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Prevention, Cure and Sustenance — these are the three foundation points of treatment at The Healers' Clinic. Here, every patient receives tailor-made holistic treatment from the moment they set foot in the ambient space.

For the eminent Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, and Dr Saya Pareeth, Founder and Medical Director, The Healers' Clinic, it is imperative to find the fastest way to naturally heal a patient from the inside out. Both doctors are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to practise natural healing. While Dr Ambalath is learned in ayurvedic principles, Dr Pareeth is an expert in the field of homoeopathy. Together they head the clinic that promises to ‘cure from the core’.

The clinic uses an integration of both modern and traditional methods of medicine. A patient with joint discomfort might experience an Ayurvedic massage therapy, method of pain relief known as Kizhi, which enhances joint repair, and Physiotherapy within the same treatment protocol. This is aptly coined ‘Ayur-Physio’ by the team.

Dr Ambalath makes it clear that though The Healers' Clinic is a clinic by name, it is not just for the sick but rather is a holistic wellness centre that aims at spreading the message of prevention and maintenance — to re-establish ‘wellness’ in the community. The Healers’ offer a journey, which looks at making people responsible for their own health, following time tested wellness principles of Ayurveda, called Swasthavritta.

“No one can create health; people are born with health that needs to be protected and maintained. What usually happens now is reactive disease care — one goes to a hospital when an issue arises and is usually directed to a doctor who specialises in the specific problem area. Wellness, on the other hand, is about overall enhancement from within — that is our guiding philosophy since day one. Patients must learn how to naturally uplift and maintain their health. This is our core function,” he explains.

Patients are not forgotten after the initial care. Regular follow-ups are conducted throughout the year so that they have a preventative check-point all through. As responsible Family Physicians, this is how The Healers' Clinic is trying to fill the gap between diseases and their eradication through prevention and care. The four core pillars for this are Detox, Heal, Maintain and Rejuvenate.

Dr Hafeel Ambalath, Founder and CEO, The Healers' Clinic

Dr Ambalath describes the lens through which the clinic looks at the care of a patient. The words 'path' and 'journey' are used interchangeably. “The path to sustainable health is the patients' whereas the journey covers the efforts of The Healers’. We take our patients on a journey for some time where we show them the perspectives we are working on, to help them.” Each patient’s dilemma is discussed at length within the practitioners at The Healers' Clinic — from the doctors to the naturopath, physiotherapist and Yoga team. This collaboration of specialisations assures the quickest route to holistic care.

In safe hands

The Healers' concept was born two decades ago in Bangalore, India. The Healers’ Clinic, Dubai, came into being six years ago and is a result of 15 years of clinical practice in the UAE. Dr Ambalath belongs to a family of Ayurvedic practitioners, which goes back five generations. Dr Pareeth is his business partner and spouse who studied Homoeopathy at the Calicut Medical College of Homeopathy. Outside of what they have learned through training, both were part of studies with multi-disciplinary teams to conduct trials and discover more within their own specialisations. They have also guided interns of various international medical schools and have been instrumental in field studies on the efficacy of traditional medicine and local health practices as well as shaping natural care regulations in the UAE.

In the clinic, each member of the medical team is licensed by DHA. The therapists are trained in Ayurvedic schools of India while the physiotherapists have undergone training of an international standard. All government rules and regulations, as well as traditional principles are followed strictly.

Modus operandi

The Healers' Clinic has a step-by-step process to ensure that every patient is getting the right treatment. Each new patient requires a comprehensive consultation and assessment hence walk-ins are not encouraged. This is to have a thorough and holistic understanding of the body-mind aspect of each individual, to zero in on the root cause of any suffering.

Dr Saya Pareeth, Founder and Medical Director, The Healers' Clinic

There is a three-step process:

  • The diagnostic stage — This involves a comprehensive look at the patient’s past medical records. Traditional medicine, energy level assessments and modern clinical methods are used to explore the health status of each individual.
  • The consultation stage — All of the patient’s information has been triangulated using modern, traditional, and clinical assessments and this is discussed with the patient.
  • The prescription stage — A comprehensive wellness treatment protocol is assigned to the patient to follow for a designated period plus post-treatment maintenance.

Complete transparency

“As physicians, we look at understanding a person as a whole and we have intelligent tools to detect what we are looking for, holistically. The Healers' Clinic has a unique method called ‘Triangulation’ where Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic findings are integrated with modern clinical skills. We start the process with a non-invasive, full body analysis known as Non-Linear Screening, which highlights the subtlest of changes in the human body. Along with this come blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, gut biome tests etc. With these things put together, we come to a decision,” elucidates Dr Ambalath.

The team understands the patient’s body at a tissue level, and the status of various systems of the body, like for example, the digestive system. The constitutional properties become clearer as the relationship between the doctors and the patient grows and more advanced tools are used for issues that require a long-term sustainable approach. Patients are given simple do-it-yourself tips and a healthy regimen to practise regularly, which includes a maintenance diet and Yoga. Though there are many treatments and packages available, not everyone is fit for everything. This would be a choice The Healers’ make for you.

UAE Ayurveda scene

The UAE is one of the pioneers in regulating Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Naturopathy diligently. It was one of the first to welcome traditional medicine practitioners with legitimate records and has initiated oral and written examinations for those who aim at practicing alternative medicine.

“A decade ago, in the region, Ayurveda was looked at as perhaps just massage therapy and Homoeopathy as treatment for children. There has been a paradigm shift, so much so that basic insurance now covers these forms of medicine. People have accepted these as the route to overall management of health. There is a huge gap between the spa label and fad diets and strenuous exercise. This gap has to be filled by people with clinical expertise in Wellness,” Dr Ambalath says.

Dr Pareeth added that with the pandemic, there have been more queries on how to reach optimal health. “People want to rejuvenate and cleanse their bodies to better their ability to cope with infections. They are now more aware of keeping their body functioning at 100 per cent.”


Both doctors are gobsmacked at the unprecedented pace of the growth of the wellness sector in the UAE due to its open-minded community and leadership.

“There should be at least 100 centres like ours, spread across the community, as the primary places of healthcare. Grass-root level community-centred health concepts should proliferate, so that families can connect with such centres for maintenance of their health. We hope more doors open and resources are accessible, so we reach more families. We want The Healers' Clinic, which is a proud member of the Dubai Health Experience, to maintain its respected name, where we become one of the role models for such centres in the community,” Dr Ambalath concludes.

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