Located in Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Burjeel Medical City, provides world-class cardiovascular care through its highly qualified doctors and cutting-edge technical facilities

Cardiovascular diseases kill a staggering 18.6 million people a year across the world. What is more frightening is the increase in this number with each passing year. Multiple factors contribute to this alarming trend; lifestyle diseases and unhealthy habits top the list.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also shown the susceptibility of people with heart diseases. All this calls for healthy living to keep your heart healthy and strong.

As the saying goes, 'Prevention is always better than cure'. Small actions like quitting smoking, having a wholesome diet, and regular exercise can keep heart diseases at bay to a large extent. Regular checkups and early diagnosis also play a crucial role.

However, being affected by a cardiovascular disease doesn't mean it is the end of the world for you. In this era of advancing healthcare, most heart ailments are treatable. All you need in your journey to recovery is a reliable and trusted cardio care partner. And VPS Healthcare's Burjeel Medical City can be your true guide.


The team of doctors at the Cardiac Sciences department of Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi


Burjeel Medical City boasts of unparalleled excellence in interventional cardiology and patient safety. Enabled by a formidable team of doctors and cutting-edge technology, the hospital constantly works towards bettering clinical outcomes.

The cardiac sciences team at Burjeel Medical City, certified by western medical boards, specialize in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, interventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiac surgery, and cardiac electrophysiology. A team specializing in heart and lung transplant will soon be an integral part of the program.

The advanced infrastructure and latest technical facilities at Burjeel Medical City reflect the hospital’s commitment to delivering high-quality care. It has a state-of-the-art operating room and floor-mounted image-guided system for cardiovascular and electrophysiology procedures. The hospital takes pride in adopting the latest technology and is a pioneer in this area. It is the first to have the next-generation Philips Azurion 7 biplane cardio-vascular system in the UAE. It is also the first facility in the UAE to have Philips Ingenia Elition 3.0T MRI and the Philips Ingenia Ambition MR-OR intraoperative MRI. The hospital has a Cardiac CT scan — level A and B — equipped with advanced software for 3D imaging of the heart.

The VPS’ flagship project, Burjeel Medical City, is one of the largest such facilities in the private sector. In a short time since it opened its door to the public earlier this year, the cardiac sciences department at the hospital has given a new lease of life to hundreds of patients.


John Sunil

Regional CEO, Burjeel Hospitals

"VPS' Burjeel hospitals are centres for excellence in cardiology. Every year, we cater to the needs of thousands of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Our hospitals see patients from various parts of the world, including the US, UK, and other western economies. At Burjeel Medical City, we have the best doctors and the most advanced infrastructure in place. Our vision is to offer the best of our services to the people of UAE that they do not need to go to farther places for advanced care. Also, we are grateful to our valuable patients for keeping their faith in us."


Dr. Georgey Koshy

Head of Cardiac Sciences and Medical Director, Burjeel Medical City

“We have set the bar high in cardiology by offering a wide array of advanced treatment options for all modalities including non-invasive procedures like MRI cardiac assessment, PET CET and SPECT as well as invasive procedures like complex cardiac surgery, electrophysiology testing, and device implantations. These advanced treatment options that we provide reduce the need for patients to seek treatment abroad. They can stay close to their families and receive world-class care at the same time.”

Patients can now book or schedule their appointment with Burjeel Hospitals through WhatsApp. Scan the QR code or send a message on WhatsApp to +971 80055.

Website: www.burjeelmedicalcity.com

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