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Published: Wed 22 Jun 2022, 9:00 AM

Garden City British School prepares its students holistically, using a progressive curriculum that flows seamlessly across the key stages. The school believes that everybody has potential and aims to instil self-confidence, self-esteem, self-independence of thought and expression, and a passion for lifelong learning in its students.

Being a small community school, Garden City British School features small class numbers, a demanding and innovative curriculum, and a personal touch that makes each student feel cherished and inspired to achieve their academic and holistic goals. The school tries to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere among staff and students in which everyone knows each other’s names and works towards a common goal. This quality makes the school stand out from the rest. The school promote a fun and engaging approach to learning that focuses on satisfying each student’s individual learning needs at school. The students can thrive and learn effectively because of the school’s child-centred approach to education.

The diversity of its staff and students from over 40 divergent countries is one of the greatest strengths of the Garden City British School. It aspires to build a culture where the students may thrive as mathematicians, athletes, authors, and singers, all while working together to create a community of life-long learners. The teachers are committed to working passionately as a professional learning community to present children with challenging educational experiences. The school celebrate all diverse learners who flourish in their unique ways.

Classrooms provide the psychological safety net for students to feel comfortable taking risks and failing. The school is at the heart of excellent education and great schools. It endeavours to educate the children intellectually and socially in a comprehensive manner as a school that strives for excellence. The Garden City British School is a learning organisation in which everyone sees a similar goal: to create a vision of a better school for students that is boundless in its thinking.

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