Make The Right Choice

Ensure the best start to your child’s education journey by following these steps

Published: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 10:08 AM

Last updated: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 10:10 AM

Choosing your child’s first nursery may seem like a momentous task. Start by narrowing down what you want from a nursery. Find out about the nursery, its facilities, location, timings, curriculum, ethos and fees on its website and social media. It is important that when deciding upon a suitable nursery for your child, the nursery is transparent. Is the nursery easily accessible and is there a bus service to pick up and drop off your child, if needed? The nursery should be following a curriculum that is recognised internationally. Once the curriculum is chosen, look for nurseries that follow best practice for that curriculum — what do other nurseries following that same curriculum look like online? Check if the nursery has been accredited by any bodies or received good inspection results from the Ministry. Children have a lot of energy, so check if there is a large outdoor area for your child to play in. We live in a multicultural society and children are primed to learn languages when they are young, so find a nursery that teaches more than one language. Once the background checking is done, go and do a tour of the nursery. Check the staff are friendly, kind and qualified. In addition to providing support for SEN children with additional needs, does the nursery have a wide range of activities for children like a STEMLab, FalconCity role play, Cookery kitchen, FalconFit gym, Library, Arabian Village, Soft Play, BouncED trampolining and a Sensory Room as well as calm, natural and interesting classrooms that inspire curiosity? Congratulations. You have chosen your child’s nursery and have started on the first rung on the ladder of education success. Next step? We at Falcon British Nursery will now welcome you and your children on a playdate and meet and greet session prior to starting nursery to help prepare for the first big day.

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