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Signing of the agreement for the opening of Veneto Business House in the UAE.From left (seated): Stefano Campania, President IICUAE, and Mario Pozza, President of ‘Unioncamere Veneto'.
Signing of the agreement for the opening of Veneto Business House in the UAE.From left (seated): Stefano Campania, President IICUAE, and Mario Pozza, President of ‘Unioncamere Veneto'.

Italian delegation discusses future forms of cooperation to promote Veneto region in Dubai

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Published: Mon 25 Apr 2022, 3:19 PM

Two intense and fruitful days saw Venicepromex in Dubai for the mission that is part of the promotional programme shared between the Veneto Chamber of Commerce and the Veneto Region. The delegation has been involved in a full programme of meetings that started on January 30 with the visit organised by IICUAE to the Dubai

Future Foundation, where the Veneto delegation met the CEO and discussed the creation of possible collaborations, was followed by a tour inside the co-working spaces of the Dubai Future Foundations.

On January 31, the institutional delegation visited the Dubai Chamber of Commerce along with representatives from Venicepromex to discuss the future forms of cooperation and to express the wish of giving continuity to the knowledge and exchange of ideas between the economic and institutional realities of Veneto and the UAE. At the same time, the business delegation attended the country presentation conference hosted by Mauro Marzocchi, Secretary General of IICUAE, at the Tower Plaza Hotel.

The visit of the delegation continued at the offices of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE for the inauguration of the Veneto Business House in Dubai. It was in the splendid setting of Villa Al Aroud in Dubai that in the presence of the council of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE and numerous representatives of local operators and institutional representatives, the economic mission of Venicepromex in the emirate ended.

Commenting on the progress of this two-day mission, the views of Roberto Marcato, Councilor for Economic Development of the Veneto Region, Mario Pozza, President of Uniocamera Veneto, and Franco Conzato, Director of Venicepromex were sought.

Talking about his impression of Dubai, Councilor Marcato said that the first feeling you get on arriving in Dubai is that this is the trading crossroads of the new world. In fact, he added that the word you hear most often is future.

On the question of what Dubai represents for the Veneto region at the moment, he said, “Our region has one of its strengths in import-export. This activity plays a decisive role and represents one of the elements that has allowed our GDP to be, to date, the highest in Italy. Establishing commercial relationships with realities such as Dubai is essential. Also, because there is the need for manufacturing skills, which has always been an asset of the Veneto Region.”

Speaking about the expectations for the future following the meetings and

events organised by the Region at Expo 2020 Dubai, Marcato said that the most important thing is to build relationships with both governmental and territorial institutions. “We intend to give continuity to the relationships created this semester at the universal exposition to facilitate contacts between the Veneto Region and Dubai. I believe interesting osmosis can occur between our productive world and the Emirate’s reality, albeit with all the differences of the case that would undoubtedly enrich both parties. What could we bring here? Surely the sense of beauty, mainly applied to our manufacturing, is unique in the world.”

Pozza, when asked about the meeting, said: “Our delegation is made up of institutional and non-institutional figures. A heterogeneous delegation is precisely because we wanted to verify with our presence what is happening in this country and lay the foundations for other meetings. The impression so far has been very positive. We also had the opportunity to appreciate the effectiveness of the work carried out by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.”

Talking about his impression of Dubai, he said that as soon as he got off the plane, he realised the infinite spaces and the non-existence of limits, neither vertically nor horizontally.

When asked about the scope, Conzato said: “Our company operates in the field of internationalisation. Therefore, the primary task is to favour the processes in this field. And in this context, the contract developed with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE also fits, as its goal is to facilitate our Venetian companies so that anyone interested in entering into the Dubai market has a point of reference.”

He added that he was extremely satisfied with the progress made over two intense days, during which the foundations were laid for future collaboration and the creation of industrial partnerships, especially in the most innovative fields. “Precisely during today's meeting at the Dubai Future Foundation, deep attention to everything that looks to the future, technology and innovation emerged, sectors in which Veneto excels,” he added.

Pinpointing the sectors which are perfect for greater opportunities for internationalisation, he mentioned: “Surely the environmental sector, therefore the whole game concerning sustainability and involving the themes of digitisation, IT, sectors in which Veneto undoubtedly holds a competitive advantage.”

“Dubai is amazing. It would be interesting to understand its sustainability over time. I think this aspect represents a very interesting challenge in the future,” he added.

Speaking of upcoming events, he said that the delegation will be back shortly with various Veneto companies to consolidate meetings and contacts for which the basis has been created during these days.

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