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Noor Ul Ain
Noor Ul Ain

Published: Sun 14 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

Some people eat food to get out of hunger but some people have an ardent interest in having different kinds of food. Such people call themselves ‘foodies’.


Anam Khan

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One such foodie, who is known for covering unique food spots is Noor Ul Ain, a 23-year-old food blogger from Pakistan based in Dubai. With over 18K followers and a reach of 18 million on Instagram and growing, Noor’s blog is not only famous for her gluttony but she also has an optimistic attitude towards life.

If you’ve found yourself wondering which new food to try this Independence Day to rekindle your memories from back home, then Noor has a perfect soothing drink for you. “Doodh Soda is a perfect Pakistani fusion drink to relish this Independence Day. Rooh Afza is our national drink, so why not start a day with my three ingredients special recipe? All you need is a tablespoon of Rooh Afza, Milk and Sprite. Trust me it will give you a relaxed and chilled vibe.”

Hailing from Lahore/Gujarat, Pakistan, Noor believes Lahore has many dishes to offer including the famous street-style food. She adds: “Pakistan is known for its rich and diverse food culture, so experiencing new cuisines comes easy to me, especially since I grew up in Dubai, which is known to be a food hub with cuisines from all around the world.”

This young and dynamic blogger quotes food as a form of language of love. She describes food and content creation as her passion. “Once I graduated from university, I started actively reviewing and posting videos about restaurants in Dubai. Food and content creation was always a passion, but it took years to realise that.”

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