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Senator Gilberto Pichetto-FratinItaly Deputy Minister for Economic Development
Senator Gilberto Pichetto-FratinItaly Deputy Minister for Economic Development

Senator Gilberto Pichetto-Fratin, Italy Deputy Minister for Economic Development talks about the promising role played by the UAE in the region

Published: Mon 25 Apr 2022, 10:10 AM

Just like the rest of the world, I too was pleasantly surprised by the level of excellence that the UAE brings. I was particularly excited by the excellent hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai, which was a great success.

In a short span of time, this relatively ‘young’ city has mastered the art of concretely laying down the groundwork for such a colossal project. Its success can be gauged from the wonderful achievement of welcoming 25 million visitors during such trying times in the aftemath of the pandemic.

On the political front as well, the UAE has assumed a leading and important role in the region through its signing of the Abraham Accords. Now, the UAE has come to be known not just regionally, but internationally as well as an ambassador of peace and prosperity. The UAE symbolises hope and tolerance which can be seen from the 180 nationalities living peacefully within its borders. Although I spent just a few hours — the ones at my disposal — in Dubai,

I immediately recognised why this city in particular, has become a point of reference for Italian companies from all sectors and not only for the tourism.

Thanks to the modern logistic infrastructures, Dubai is now an important commercial hub with an outstanding role for the re-exportation in the MENA countries. Due to this function, last year Italy was able to improve on 2019 export rates.

It is really important to also appreciate the part played by the local operators who comprehend the Embassy, the Consulate, the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE and the ICE.

Based on this, I remember with pleasure, the event organised by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE last month which has allowed me to come into contact with different Italian companies operating in the territory of the UAE.

I would like also to underline the activity of the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE for their role played in favour of the Italian industries which wanted to enter the market of the United Arab Emirates in 2021. According to the official data of the Ministry that I represent, these Italian industries have been 971 circa.

Unfortunately, this historic period is not only difficult but even delicate due to the ongoing situations, which will have important effects both on the international economies and on the humanitarian aspects. I wish that the Emirates would continue to be an important market of reference for the Italian exportation.

Moreover, I hope to have the opportunity again in the future to come back to the UAE.

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