High Quality, Patient-Centric Medical Care at Your Doorstep


The healthcare provider offers a complete array of services and customised plans to take care from the comfort of home

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Published: Thu 16 Mar 2023, 11:30 AM

Last updated: Thu 16 Mar 2023, 11:37 AM

Healthserve is a DHA-licenced home healthcare provider, founded and managed by clinicians and healthcare management professionals and located in Dubai. It strives to provide world-class personalised clinical care in the comfort of the patient’s home.

The Healthserve team consists of highly qualified, skilled, well-experienced, and multi-national healthcare professionals. They are passionate to provide high quality and trustworthy services focusing on clinical excellence. Their customised care plans and programmes are built keeping in view patient’s needs and requirements.

Dr. Shekhar Mehta, Founder and Medical Director
Dr. Shekhar Mehta, Founder and Medical Director

Why care at home?

The benefits of home care include management and execution of the care plan while keeping the treating physician informed of the patient’s status and progress, ensuring the privacy and dignity of the patients in a secured environment, peace of mind for patients, family, and friends and customised medical services as per the patient’s needs. Furthermore, it facilitates the patient to become more independent and promotes faster recuperation and reduces re-admission of patients in the hospitals, leading to lower infection rates. Last but not the least, it is cost-effective.

Core services

The services provided by Healthserve include access to a doctor-on-call 24x7, physiotherapy and rehabilitation — cardio-respiratory, orthopaedic, pre and post-natal, neuro, elderly, sports etc., skilled home nursing, which includes complete nursing care for bed-ridden patients including continuous monitoring, assisting in daily activities of living, wound care, tube feedings, cardiopulmonary support, medication management, etc. Elderly care, pregnancy and maternity care, newborn and childcare, school nurses, first-aid nurses and travel medical assistance is also provided. Healthserve provides management programmes for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Bedside lab investigations, wellness management and health check-ups and IV and oxygen therapies are also provided.

Home care is the future of healthcare, avoiding hospitalisation-related costs, infections and long queues. At Healthserve, we strive to provide patient-centric skilled medical care in the comfort of your home by defining industry quality standards, cost effective innovative service delivery models, and utilisation of advanced technology in a compassionate manner.” — Dr. Shekhar Mehta, Founder and Medical Director

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