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Living upto its reputation for providing patient-centric healthcare, the Department of Cardiology offers a holistic approach led by its team of heart-related experts

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Published: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 11:01 AM

A premier private healthcare provider in the Middle East, American Hospital, part of Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group, was established in 1996 with the goal of providing world-class medical service to the community. American Hospital is the first hospital in the Middle East to be awarded the JCI while its laboratory is the first in the private sector in the region to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists. The hospital is also the inaugural member of the prestigious Mayo Care Network.

Heart and Vascular Center

The heart is the without a doubt one of the most important organs in the human body. It is the engine that propels the whole body. Thus, it is very important to keep it healthy and functioning properly at all times.

In the pursuit of our day-to-day activities, we sometimes overlook important signs regarding our hearth’s health. If you experience any signs of cardiovascular disease, it is vital that you immediately visit the hospital or get in touch with healthcare professionals by booking an appointment.

The Department of Cardiology at American Hospital aims to improve quality of life through the latest innovations and advanced techniques in cardiology. It offers medical and surgical management for all types of cardiovascular diseases along with expert services.

Cardiology is a subdivision of the medical field that focuses on the illnesses of the heart and other areas of the circulatory system. It is a vast field that encompasses the diagnosis as well as treatments of diseases such as heart failure, valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, and congenital heart defects. Though every physician has studied in-depth about the heart and its disorders, adult and child heart-related diseases are looked at separately and require different training for adult and pediatric cardiology respectively. The surgical domain for cardiology is also separate and a specialisation in cardiothoracic surgery is required for surgeons to operate.

Symptoms to watch out for

Since all organs rely on the pumping of the heart to receive oxygen, monitoring its health becomes even more important. Heart problems do not always have apparent warning signs. However, there are certain cases when the risk of heart disease increases significantly, especially for people who are over the age of 60, for those with obesity or other health issues. Some of the symptoms of heart-related problems can be nausea, indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain, chest discomfort, lightheadedness, jaw or throat ache, pain in the left arm, exhaustion, snoring, sweating, persistent cough, swollen legs, feet, and ankles or an irregular heartbeat.

Heart problems can often be traced back genetics. If a persons’ first-degree relative has had a history with heart disease, the chances of having a heart condition are much higher. In case of genetic heart disease, it is important to reduce environmental risk factors and check in with your doctor regularly to avoid aggravating your condition.

Symptoms of a heart attack can differ for each person. Some may even experience a heart attack suddenly and not have any symptoms prior to it. Similarly, pain levels of symptoms can also be mild or severe depending on the person. While keeping a look out for symptoms, it is also important to note that there is also not one particular type of heart condition and cardiac diseases can appear in many forms. Some of the most common heart-related issues in this regard include coronary heart disease, angina, unstable angina, heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, valve disease, high blood pressure, congenital heart conditions and inherited heart conditions.

The need for clinical expertise

Although it can be worrisome to be diagnosed with heart disease, it is important to seek the right doctor who can provide you with a treatment plan that is best suited to your health and will ensure a good recovery.

The Heart and Vascular Center at American Hospital is home to some of the top cardiologists in Dubai, who integrate their extensive skills and experience to diagnose and treat heart, lung and chest-related conditions. Specialists at the Center focus on cardiology, interventional cath lab procedures, vascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. Apart from adult cardiology, the Center also has some of the best pediatric cardiologists in Dubai who specialise in pediatric cardiac care and surgery. The team of expert physicians employs advanced techniques and technology to diagnose and treat a number of heart conditions, including invasive and non-invasive cardiology procedures, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery as well as rehabilitation services. Keeping up with advanced surgical procedures, the doctors at the Heart and Vascular Center use utmost precision to perform complex procedures such as advanced aortic arch procedures, minimally invasive heart surgeries, heart valve repairs and beating heart bypass surgeries. Patient care is the hospital’s top priority, so let the best cardiologists in Dubai take care of you.

Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman, Consultant Pediatric and Fetal Cardiologist
Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman, Consultant Pediatric and Fetal Cardiologist

The importance of a healthy heart

The health of your heart is central to your overall health and well-being. The heart is the centre of the cardiovascular system and is responsible for pumping blood rich in nutrients throughout your body. Without a good functioning heart, the oxygen in your body cannot be efficiently supplied and the removal of toxins and waste is hindered.

An unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle choices can cause damage to your heart and promote cardiovascular disease. Research suggests that depression can also be caused by heart problems since narrowed blood vessels limit the supply of blood traveling to the brain.

Smarter life choices can easily prevent the risk of developing heart disease. Some ways to promote good heart health include maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keep a healthy weight, quitting smoking and managing stress.

Choose American Hospital

If you are experiencing any signs of cardiovascular disease, you can come to visit their Cardiology Unit at American Hospital or get in touch with the hospital staff by booking an appointment through the form provided on their website. The hospital’s team of cardiac consultants and staff are well-equipped at diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of cardiovascular diseases and ensure that patients are provided with quality healthcare services.

For more information, please call 800 24392 or visit www.ahdubai.com

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