Gateway to Global Living: Navigating Residency by investment in Hungary, Canada, and the UK

Residency by investment programmes in Hungary, Canada, and the UK cater to various professional and investor types

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Published: Wed 31 Jan 2024, 11:07 AM

Residency by investment programmes offer a strategic path for individuals seeking residency in a country through financial investments. These programmes are increasingly popular, with countries like Hungary, Canada, and the UK offering unique options, each with its benefits and requirements.

Residency in Hungary

The Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency Programme stands out in Hungary's residency by investment portfolio. It's designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals aiming to establish their business presence in Hungary. Unlike real estate investment options, this program is centered on business investment and entrepreneurship.

Waquar Karim, COO, WWICS.
Waquar Karim, COO, WWICS.

Key Aspects of this Programme

Business Investment Focus: Formation of a Hungarian company with a minimum capital investment.

Corporate Benefits: Hungary's attractive corporate tax rate of nine per cent is one of the EU's lowest.

Residency and Family Inclusion: Successful business establishment leads to residency permits for the entrepreneur and immediate family members.

EU Market Access: The permit allows for easier access and expansion within the EU market.

Application Process: Applicants need a viable business plan that positively impacts the Hungarian economy.

Path to Citizenship: The programme provides avenues to permanent residency and citizenship, subject to specific requirements.

Healthcare and Education Access: Residents can access Hungary's healthcare and education systems.

Cultural and Lifestyle Benefits: Hungary offers a rich cultural heritage and high quality of life, especially in cities like Budapest.

Investment for this programme in the range of € 25,000 to € 50,000.

Residency in Canada

Canada's Startup Visa Programme and the Canada ICT are prominent residency paths. The Startup Visa targets entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, requiring them to secure funding from Canadian entities. This process involves developing a business plan that benefits the Canadian economy and job market.

The Canada ICT is tailored for individuals transferring within multinational companies to Canadian divisions or establishing a Canadian business for the same purpose. It requires specialised knowledge or managerial experience, with at least one year of prior employment with the company.

Residency in the UK

The UK provides a self-sponsored skilled worker visa. This programme is for individuals with specific skills and qualifications, demanding a job offer from a UK employer or own business. It assesses factors like salary, job type, and language proficiency, offering a pathway to residency and citizenship for skilled workers, senior management, business owners, and their families. Investment for this programme starts from £25,000.

Residency by investment programmes in Hungary, Canada, and the UK cater to various professional and investor types. Through these programmes, individuals can secure their future and that of their families, availing themselves of the economic and social opportunities these countries offer. Whether it's investing, starting or expanding a business, these programmes provide a gateway to global living, each with its distinct advantages and criteria.

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