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The duty of a nurse is not easy. Every day, these frontliners are fighting new challenges to help patients live longer

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Published: Thu 12 May 2022, 9:00 AM

On International Nurses’ Day 2022, here are 10 things every nurse would like the world to know:

1- It took a pandemic to make the world acknowledge the contributions of a nurse. But nursing has always been about touching lives. We touch your lives because we chose to walk that path, and we choose to be there for you when you are in a state of suffering.

2- We are your warriors. When you don’t have the strength to fight, we will fight for you. We will fight to get you back to health; we will fight to clear the obstacles in your path to recovery; we will fight to have your voice heard. We have a Voice to Lead.

3- We will do our best for you. Learning your needs and understanding what your loved ones are saying and fearing is as essential to us as is using our training and experience to help you get better and make your family feel comforted.

4- There are days when we are pushed to our limits, but it does not affect our caring for you. Our training teaches us to surmount it, and our hearts and minds remind us too.

5- We are deeply moved when our efforts put the smile back on your face and the spring back in your step. When we communicate with you, you also teach us how to understand. It makes us happy that we are there for you and spend all our lives in this pursuit.

6- We are proud to be innovators and essential partners in making healthcare a total safety system. We are passionate about helping healthcare reach farther horizons by using our experience, observation, and training to improve and enhance its services for you. Patient welfare is at the centre of our every idea for change.

7- Nurses are high-impact leaders because they follow evidence-based care, transforming healthcare. They combine training, knowledge, scientific research, experience, empathy, soft skills, and emotional intelligence daily based on what is required from patient to patient. It’s among the most complex skills required in humans.

8- The more nurses are encouraged to learn, train, and expand their horizons, the more they will be impactful as partners in inpatient care.

9- We have come a long way, and we are headed towards more incredible milestones. Our future is brighter than ever, and every new area of achievement will only help us get closer to patient care.

10- We are here to save lives, and we will do it every minute, every hour, and every day using our ‘Voice to Lead’.

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