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EAHM offers the best quality education for students

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Published: Wed 17 Nov 2021, 3:14 PM

Last updated: Wed 17 Nov 2021, 3:15 PM

Emil Josey

Class of 2021 Graduate student

What, in your opinion, makes EAHM the ideal place to pursue hospitality management?

Dubai has become a world-class hospitality destination and EAHM is the best in the Middle East. So, it wasn't really hard to decide. The academy offers excellent quality education, through a boutique styled academy, which makes it easier to network, build connections and excel in the best hospitality destination.

What are the most popular courses at the Institute? There have been some really fun and informative courses at the academy. The strategy management course was one of my favorites. In this course, we analysed some of the leading companies' strategies using different models such as Michael Porter’s ‘Generic Strategies’. Other courses like Hospitality Law, Food Truck Management and Cruise Ship Management are some of the many that are very popular.

Give a brief account of the student facilities and the world-class EAHM campus.

The academy is built in such a way to build and shape the hoteliers and entrepreneurs for the next generation. The academy has cool facilities like an innovation hub, massive auditorium, grade A classrooms. Also, there are sports facilities like tennis court, football, basketball, volleyball courts.

Your advice to aspiring students looking to pursue a degree in hospitality management.

Choose an academy that is not constrained to the four walls of your classrooms, and allows you to network, be in the middle of the bustle, and a place where you can have the industry exposure, and by industry, such as hotels, aviation, tourism, real estate, and global trade.

Faisal Sowaidan

3rd year student

What factors did you consider whilst choosing EAHM as your university?

Honestly, I would have never thought that hospitality would be the major for me until I heard about EAHM and the different courses they had to offer.

What in your opinion makes EAHM the ideal place to pursue one’s higher education in hospitality management?

Being one of the best hospitality schools in the Middle East allows you to have a wide range of opportunities in the future. Dubai is known to be one of the main hot spots for tourism, having the privilege of being in this beautiful city gives us a great opportunity to understand how hospitality and tourism work and what this city does to make it their main attraction.

Being a student of hospitality management, what will you try to accomplish or gain through your course?

As a student of hospitality, I will try my best to understand how the workplace is run, different type of soft skills and most importantly, how to manage a team. Being part of EAHM allows me to accomplish these goals easily, by teaching me different soft skills, understand how to work in and with a team of people that come from different cultures and regions.

Apart from academics, what does EAHM offer students to upskill themselves?

EAHM offers more than just academics, connections, communication, public speaking, restaurant-level cooking, restaurant-level service, how to write appropriate emails, creativity, leadership, how to be innovative and that is only a few things you learn apart from academics. All these skills are taught through very experienced professors and staff that work within the university.

Give a brief account of the student facilities and the world-class EAHM campus.

There are many different facilities and activities to do on the university campus! Barza (students hang-out spot) has a billiards table, a state-of-the-art gym, a pool for students and people who live on campus, a supermarket for all necessity’s students might need, a beautiful tennis court, an outdoor basketball court, a badminton court and last but not the least, a beautiful library.

Jeroen Greven, Managing Director, The Emirates Academy ofHospitality Management
Jeroen Greven, Managing Director, The Emirates Academy ofHospitality Management

Welcome to the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, a global top- ten ranked hospitality business school, proudly part of Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts. We provide you with a strong foundation in international hospitality management to start or accelerate your career in an exciting and wide-ranging industry. Bachelor degree students are immersed in three years of study, spanning all aspects of hospitality business management, including practical skills and an internship, leading to an honour’s degree. MBA students can study full-time over 12 months or longer on a flexibly, part-time basis. Our industry-leading 97 per cent employment rate among recent graduates reflects the quality of our education. The versatility of the programmes allows alumni to build a range of careers in top-end hotels and restaurants, in the service sector like banking and consultancy, as well as founding start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. Our learning environment is personalised, our industry-experienced faculty are highly qualified, and our facilities are first class. And we welcome all students at the academy for physical classes while ensuring a safe learning environment. Let us be part of your journey into a rewarding and exciting career in the international hospitality industry!

Simarna Singh, CEO of Coco Veda a Singapore Social Enterprise
Simarna Singh, CEO of Coco Veda a Singapore Social Enterprise

2019 ALUMNA: It has been a truly great honour to be part of the EAHM family.

“It was a marvellous journey, I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. The BBA programme is a fantastic blend of business in general and all the aspects of the hospitality industry. One thing that stands out during my tenure at EAHM, was the opportunity to represent the UAE Youth Delegation as a Future Sustainability Leader for Masdar under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.”

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