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Be More Keto's Co-Founder, Nyma Peracha


Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Thu 23 Sep 2021, 12:00 AM

Tell us about your journey to create Be More Keto.

Be More Keto was formed back in September 2019. The vision was simple — ‘Easy, Effective and Efficient’. I have a background in health and fitness and had been following Keto myself for four years before launching Be More Keto. For me, it is a lifestyle that has not only helped me stay slim and trim but it had also given me the biggest gift, which was becoming pregnant and having a daughter.

How is it different from other healthy meal plans?

Be More Keto is more than just a weight loss meal plan. It is a boutique keto meal plan provider that offers more than just freshly cooked Keto food to your doorstep. It offers clients ongoing Keto support provided by the specialised Keto coaches within the organisation. This allows customers to not only follow Keto correctly but also offers the support they might need when first embarking on their Keto journey.

What are the various meal plan models and offerings?

We offer a variety of plans for Beginners, Intermediate and also Advanced Keto followers. Keto, when done correctly and according to an individual’s needs, works wonders for their metabolism. Before starting with one of the plan offerings, a customer has the option to speak to a Keto coach who can guide them better based on their personal goals.

What are the most popular meal plans? What are the customisable options in the meal plan?

Our bestselling Keto meal plan would most certainly be our Intermittent Fasting (IF) Keto plan. This is because when Keto is combined with IF it works wonders. Be More Keto offers customising options such as a full Keto plan for meat-eaters, vegetarians and pescatarians as well! We also take into consideration that clients have allergies and dislikes and try our best to tailor the plans so that all clients can still enjoy the plan without feeling like they are on a diet.

What went into designing Be More Keto’s meal plans?

When creating Be More Keto, we wanted to create not only an effective fat loss plan but also one that would encourage others within the UAE not only to follow Keto for fat loss results but also for the various health benefits it offers. Our menu is a continental menu, which incorporates flavours from all around the world satisfying all different taste palettes.

How does Be More Keto help those who are just starting on the Keto diet?

Unlike many other meal companies, at Be More Keto we refer to ourselves as a ‘Boutique Meal Plan Company’. We are more than just a food provider. We have Keto coaches available upon request from our customers for over the phone support, to guide them through their Keto journey as well as motivate them to ‘Be the best version of themselves’ with the help of a Keto lifestyle.

How do you ensure top-quality, organic ingredients?

To ensure quality, we order all produce daily from all our suppliers. For this reason, we inform all new clients that after booking a plan they may start within 36 hours and not within 24 hours. All food is prepared and delivered fresh for maximum flavour and freshness.

What have you observed about the shift in demand for healthy food in the UAE in the last year?

Over the past year or perhaps since the beginning of the pandemic we saw a huge shift in people’s desire to improve their health. Be More Keto has grown exponentially since the pandemic started because people have really started to see the value in 'Health is Wealth’. Living a Keto lifestyle and eliminating sugar from one’s diet really supports a strong immune system and allows the body to fight off viruses.

Any offers that aspiring Ketogenics would want to know about?

We offer promotions to both existing and new clients. Right now we are offering a fantastic offer on a three-month journey with us. This offer includes:

- Weekly check-ins with a Keto coach

- Weekly weight loss results

- A direct WhatsApp number of a Keto specialist for clients to reach out to at any time to answer any questions or queries they may have.

We are also offering plans starting as low as Dh69 per day for people wanting to start keto but don’t have a huge budget to play with. This includes two meals, one side dish and one dessert.

Are there any new meal plans coming soon?

We are always looking to enhance our brand and are currently working on a vegan Keto menu for our plant-based audience.

For more information visit www.bemoreketo.com.

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