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The new AI-assisted tests assess, predict, and prevent lifestyle diseases

Published: Mon 14 Nov 2022, 10:27 AM

Last updated: Mon 14 Nov 2022, 10:35 AM

Patients of chronic lifestyle diseases such diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), dementia among others, will now be able to prevent serious damage with new predictive cutting-edge healthcare solutions being introduced in Dubai by PRIME Health. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for preventive healthcare, PRIME Health is introducing a comprehensive digital health solution for its clients and patients.

Cutting-edge digital health solution

Collaborating with Apollo Pro Heath and CognICA, PRIME Health presents a digital health solution that integrates personalised health screenings, predictive risk scores, and cutting-edge diagnostics with clinical evaluations from a dedicated team of medical experts to lead you towards a healthy tomorrow. The multi-layered AI-enabled predictive solutions will enable PRIME Health to stay ahead of the curve in dealing with preventive care in several lifestyle diseases.

Predict, Prevent, Overcome

PRIME Health’s uniquely personalised AI-based Risk Score can help predict diseases and the physician can guide you with the assessment to understand your potential health risks well in time.

AI solutions pioneering preventive healthcare

With a spike in lifestyle related diseases, such as CVD, diabetes and others, AI can be leveraged into improving preventive care measures in predicting a tendency and also in management, treatment, and possible reversal in many cases.

The AI-integrated tools are highly comprehensive. These include deep learning algorithms, holistic artificial intelligence-based risk score, risk assessment for CVD, pre-diabetes, brain health scores in under five minutes (AI-assisted Cognitive Assessment tool) test analysis. These provide a deep insight to the physician to understand a patient’s risks and help overcome these chronic diseases, even prevent premature health events that could be triggered by them.

Nip diabetes in the bud

Take for instance pre-diabetes. Most of the predictive AI assisted tests will work like a wake-up call, enabling the patient to correct course, make lifestyle changes and push back the disease. While genetics, age, and ethnicity play a defining role, this is further exacerbated by the food choices, lifestyle, stress, and underlying health issues factors that an individual faces and these can be controlled to reverse the condition.

Prevent heart disease

Globally, CVD is one of the leading causes of mortality and very often, individuals with no prior symptoms have been found to be at risk for heart disease. In fact, diabetics are twice at risk of heart disease in comparison to others. Checking your heart health is a smart idea. A predictive heart health screening aims to identify cardiac diseases or conditions at their most treatable and incipient stages. Even if you don’t enjoy a visit to the doctor, it’s worthwhile to undergo these checkups. Minor tweaks in health such as weight reduction, nutritionally balanced diet, and active physical lifestyle can prevent CVD once you have a preventive score in hand.

Get your brain health score in five-minutes

PRIME Health’s ICA-assisted integrated cognitive/ mental assessment helps identify if an individual is at risk for dementia. The risk score helps detect early signs of mild cognitive/ mental impairment years earlier than conventional manual tools and opens the doors for early treatment. The earlier you start looking after your cognitive health, the more likely you are to live a long and happy life.

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