Beat The Heat And Make Your Vehicle Look Neat

Be a sun-chaser, not a paint-fader. Discover the secrets to preserving your car’s brilliance

By Salman Shahid

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Published: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 11:00 AM

It is the start of summer here in the UAE, and as much as we love our Emirates, we all dread the scorching summer that dawns upon us during these months. From cranking up the air conditioners in our houses to using umbrellas and hats to protect ourselves from this blazing sun, it is a common practice. Our cars are no exception and require extra tender love and care during these months as it can take a toll on the appearance and performance of our vehicles.

The automotive paint, available in our region in colours ranging from obsidian black metallic to selenite grey magno (a matte white colour), requires extra care during the harsh hot weather. Fading is a common issue faced when we expose our cars to longer periods of intense ultraviolet rays, which causes a loss of shine. Oxidation gradually takes over the car’s surface during these months, making it look dull and cloudy. Cracking and peeling are also common, especially for owners who have repainted or had touch-ups done to their vehicles. Additionally, water spots left on our cars after washing appear more frequently in hot weather. If tap water is used, which has a higher mineral content, the high heat causes the water to evaporate faster, leaving behind water marks or spots that are difficult to clean. Bird droppings dry up more quickly due to higher surface temperatures, which can damage the paint and leave stains if left unattended. In short, the ageing of the paint accelerates during the high-heat summer months.

We, as a nation, are famous worldwide for the high quality of automobiles on our roads. From high-end supercars to well-kept rare classics, we have them all. We may be the only country in the world where you can be fined if your car is dirty and its appearance is not up to par, aligning with the clean image of our country. During the hot summer months, it is crucial to park our cars in shaded areas. Here are some options you can consider, depending on how much care you want to show your vehicle:

Waxing and Washing: The most economical and effective option is to regularly wash your car and apply a layer of wax to the surface. This acts as a barrier between the sun and the paint, keeping the surface protected.

Car Ceramic Coating: The mid-tier option is to have a good quality ceramic coating applied to your car. This creates a hard protective layer on the painted surface, shielding it from high sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It also repels water, making it easier to clean water spots, and prevents contaminants from seeping in, aiding in bird-dropping cleanup.

Paint Protection Film (PPF): For those who truly love their cars, this is the ultimate protection. PPF is applied to the painted surface, providing defence against heat damage, UV damage, and oxidation. The film also offers thermal insulation properties, further guarding against heat damage, while preserving the value and appearance of your car.

Unlike many car enthusiasts markets worldwide that promote a culture of do-it-yourself (DIY), we have a strong Do It For Me (DIFM) culture. Fortunately, we have numerous professional service providers, who can perform these services for us.

Before the mercury hits its peak, make sure to take care of your vehicles, which are a significant part of families and serve us year-round.

Salman Shahid is a seasoned professional in the automotive aftermarket industry with extensive experience in Southeast Asia and the Middle East Africa regions. He is currently responsible for this segment in the Europe Middle East and Africa region for a multinational corporation.

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